Behind the brand: Superdry

Built on Oriental exoticism, mixed with US street culture, featuring UK fit and available to shop online in South Africa

As far as brand stories go Superdry's is not well known, which is a pity considering how this global lifestyle brand is renowned for high-quality product by those who know. 

For the rest there's an aura of mystery, who won't know much more about the brand other than the large logos emblazoned across the chests of others. Perhaps after reading this you might consider wearing a Superdry logo yourself?


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With comparisons being made to a British version of Abercrombie & Fitch via Tokyo, Superdry seems to be going strong with over 100 stores worldwide where Abercrombie & Fitch couldn't go the distance. 

Not old enough to be considered heritage, the brand has still been around for a while, and was established in 2003 after Julian Dunkerton returned from a trip to Tokyo and quickly teamed up with the man behind the Bench brand, James Holder. 


Pooling their skills the pair built a brand that married their loves of incredible tailoring, high quality fabrics and vintage washes along with attention-grabbing typography and graphics. 

From there it reads something like a fairy-tale, where just seven years later SuperGroup, owner of the Superdry brand, floats on the London Stock Exchange and SuperGroup's market capitalisation jumps to a one billion pounds. In the business world this is what's considered as kind of a big deal


But we don't choose to align ourselves with a particular brand because of its financial health, and instead we gravitate towards clothing that speaks to us, which is what Superdry does via high-impact Japanese script. 

Fun fact, the Japanese found on this clothing is often meaningless and inspired by the common Japanese practice of placing decorative English text on items to increase their fashionability and appeal. Otherwise this is clothing that's designed for attitude not age, with the premium-quality brand appealing to an international and aspirational man.


As one of the biggest fashion retail success stories in recent times, despite its success Superdry continues to stay true to its slightly offbeat, creative roots and continues to combine vintage Americana styling with Japanese inspired graphics and an eccentric British twist. The clincher? You can now shop Superdry in South Africa on Superbalist.com 

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