How to wear your Hoodie like a Grownup

Four ways to up-style your laid-back outerwear

Words: Buntu Ngcuka | Photography: Ian Engelbrecht | Styling: Jason Basson

If you’ve seen our latest television commercial or paid attention to anything remotely fashion-related over the past year or so, you’ll know that hoodies are in-style and we aren’t talking about the ones with your alma mater’s badge (although those are nice too). No, the hoodie that’s made its way into the stylish man’s everyday wardrobe is actually made for wearing outside the house and goes with everything you already own, from your favourite jeans to your smartest coat.

How exactly do you up-style this laid-back outerwear item? Try these four winning ways and wear your hoodie like a grown-ass man.

Layered over a button-up

If you’re a novice to the art of smarter sweats, or a minimalist, a grey melange hoodie with little or no branding is a safe bet. It’s a versatile piece you can wear all-year long, plus it’s easy to style, whether you’re going bold and colourful or keeping your palette monochrome. Upgrade yours with a white shirt underneath and slim-fit trousers. Complete the look with crisp white sneakers and you’ve got yourself a grownup look.

Level up with camel

One of the most popular street style trends to come up is the juxtaposition of camel-coloured coats (usually perceived as formal) with modern casual wear. While you could go full-on cosy and wear sweatpants too, we like the idea of keeping it old school and simply letting the hoodie make your statement. The bolder the colour or graphic, the better. We recommend you pair yours with blue jeans and Chelsea boots for an ensemble that won’t look out of place at your next dinner date.

Bundled under a blazer

Blazers are also in a state of flux: you’d expect to wear one with a suit as much as the next guy exclusively wears his with jeans and sneakers. When worn over a hoodie, make sure the blazer is a little roomier so as to accommodate the layers underneath. Finish off your outfit with cuffed jeans, thick socks and your go-to pair of slick high-tops for a look that's ideal for doing the most. 

Look sharp in sherpa

The faux fur texture is a luxe touch and this hoodie will fill any void and yearning for unleashing your inner bling-rapper. Pare things back (and don’t overheat) by wearing a plain button-up shirt underneath and denim jacket on top. Oversized and retro fits work best here to make room for the hoodie’s plush texture. Wear chinos and simple black lace-ups to score a look that’s as street-ready and stylish as it is warm.

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