The Mixtape Vol. 159

An hour of house bangers from Jamie Saint

A man of few words, Jamie Saint would rather his music speak for him, but first a track must speak to him, and only once it's achieved this will he then share these sounds with the people marching in front of the DJ booth. 

But you don't even have to be front right of a festival stage to enjoy Jamie's mix, and even if you're a corporate drone easing into the work week on a Monday morning these tunes will make the transition that much smoother. 

Give it a spin and scroll down to read the shot Q&A with Jamie after the jump. 

What have you been up to since the last time we featured you?

Since the last mix I've been playing some great local events at Mystics in Stellies and also had the chance to play up and coming outdoor event, Get Real Festival.

What's in the mix you've made us?

The mix I've made is a selection of some of my favourite songs, which can work for any gig. A massive song for me right now is Fisher's 'Crowd Control' - he's bringing out some bangers.

Where should we play this mix?

I think the best time and place to play this mix is if you're on your way to a party or outdoor festival.

Which DJs and producers are doing exciting things in music right now?

I'm busy following some amazing DJs out of the UK. The scene there is becoming better as more super clubs open. At the moment my top club in the UK is Print Works, which has the best lighting design in the world. Musically I'm following Mark Knight, Joel Corry, Gorgon City and obviously Fisher.

With Spotify now being available in South Africa, what will it do for our music scene?

Spotify is going to educate South Africa and will allow people to come across music and artists that they would never otherwise discover.

Anything to add, please do so here...

Happy to announce I will be starting my residency for Corona Sunset Sessions in Camps Bay from 6 May to 3 June, 6pm - 7pm. I'll let you know what's in plan for summer closer to the time.

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