The Mixtape Vol. 158

Spoken word artist and house DJ Lazarusman delivers an easy listening, atmospheric mix

Photography: Nhlakanipho Nhlapho

Having collaborated with a long list of artists and rocked crowds in Moscow, Lisbon, Zurich, Berlin and Hamburg, as well as performing at festivals all over the country, Lazarusman prides himself in the ability to read a crowd and adapt his performance to match the mood of any dance floor. His sound fuses spoken word and a passion and knowledge of house music, creating a unique experience that fans have come to associate with the Lazarusman. Find out more about this exciting artist after the jump. 

When did you fall in love with house music and spoken word? 

I think I fell in love with house during its golden years, the times of Iggy Smallz, DJ Fresh house Flava, Glen Lewis's Mid Tempo... I was all over the poetry scene then, too. One day I was like 'why don't I try and add poems to this music?' And hey, it worked. 

Describe your sound journey. 

My sound is very much based on what I have an appetite for. Most of the time I enjoy very deep and melodic house. The stuff that's relatively easy for you to bop your head to. At other times, I enjoy intricate and thought-provoking music, the kind of house that makes you think, 'well how the heck did they do that?'  House is very much a mood thing.

Who's your favourite poet and DJ/producer of all time?

It still has to be Martin Stimming. He helped me get into music but most importantly he taught me how to manage my craft. He taught me that to be truly good at it you must do it every day. 

Tell us about the mix you made for The Way of Us. 

I wanted to create an easy listening mix, one that was atmospheric, a mix that people could easily pick up and get lost in very quickly. I am an attention seeker so I wanted this mix to slightly oppose that, too. 

How do you bring together spoken word with electronic dance music? 

It's improvisation. I freestyle the lyrics so every show is different. No two shows are the same. The most important thing is the energy. I try to read and feel what people are feeling, what the energy is, and that usually informs what I say. 

If you could collaborate with any local and international artist, who would they be and why?

Leeu, Bruce Loko and I think it would be cool to work with Culoe De Song. I think there is a dimension that myself and these artists can add to each other's music. 

All-time favourite place to perform and why? 

Truth will always be my favourite place to play in the country, followed closely by Kitcheners in Braam, simply because it's a home ground advantage. Internationally, Moscow is amazing, simply because it's so different there. I can't get used to it no matter how many times I go. And then Harare is the most loving place I've visited. 

What makes the South African house scene special?

It's diverse. Most markets do not enjoy the multiplicity we have. You can find everything you like here, and in abundance. 

Which five tracks are on heavy rotation?

SiR - 'Something Foreign' 

Innealla - 'Escaping Namba'

James Blake - 'If the car besides you moves ahead'

FKA Mash and Lazarusman - 'Déjà vu' 

Migos - 'Narcos'

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