Steal these Instagrammers' Instant Home Updates

Three decor influencers show you how to uplift your bedroom, kitchen and living room

Making your home warmer and more welcoming should be fun. Which is why The Way of Us enlisted the help of three of South Africa’s most imaginative influencers to show us how tiny tweaks can make an impressive impact in the smallest of spaces.

Scroll down to see how Rebecca Arendse (@theminimaleblogger), Nwabisa Ntlokwana (@nwahh) and Cassandra Twala (@cassmiat), transformed their spaces with a few quick additions.

Quick home additions

Rebecca added a gold tray, velvet cushion cover and a white vase to her space. If your home has wooden accents like Rebecca’s, autumnal colours like mustard, brown, pastel orange and beige can create a palette that will make your space feel more snug than before. Adding a pillow is another great way to do this. The Misa tray complements her home’s tones, and also adds some shine thanks to its metallic finish.

The vase is an important piece as well: it stands out out from the colour scheme of her space but thanks to the neutrality of white, it pops without stealing too much attention for itself, ensuring that your space is welcoming rather than feeling like a waiting room. It’s important to remember that while accessories for your space may look nice alone while on-site, they need to live and blend in to the rest of your home, rather than sitting by themselves, so ensure that they complement as much of your home as possible.

Remember, contrasting colours should be striking and infrequent, rather than constantly covering your counters and shelves. “To me it’s important to add elements of warmth throughout my home, think warmer tones like this beautiful cushion, or a milk white vase stocked with greenery. Arriving home to a clean and cosy space helps me take off the stress from the day and unwind."

Quick home additions

An important thing we’ve learned over time is that the things you use most often can make or break your space. Cutlery, crockery and other mainstays can add to your home’s aesthetic because of how often they’re out of the cupboard and being used. Cassandra bought a 100% natural grass fibre basket and it does wonders as a transitional piece between her rich wooden floors and clean white walls. You’re not limited to baskets though, as couches, ottomans and chairs are also great options to create a smooth colour palette from floor to wall.

She also opted for a clean bowl with a striking gold spoon and a soft set of napkins. Napkins, similar to the basket, are a sleek way to complete your dinner table – especially when you’re having over a couple of guests.

Quick home additions

Being prepared for guests is important, but having a stylish space for yourself is just as crucial – that’s why Nwabisa opted to throw a new duvet cover set over her bed. An easy way to set the mood for your bedroom. Most rooms in the home are multifunctional and while you may work, read or create in yours, you’re also there to sleep in it, making the bed the centre of attention – just like the table is the centre of attention in the dining room. Thankfully, beds are multifaceted, so while they interact with the room as a whole, their different parts interact with each other, too.

Play around with a base cover that complements your floor or carpet and elevate your mattress and sheets so that they appear to have risen off the base rather than resting on it. Nwabisa also opted for a Mira tray, which adds a little something to her minimalist style.

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