Just dropped: Puma En Pointe

Born out of a conversation between Puma's design teams and the dancers of New York City Ballet

After discussing the concept of movement and what a dancer needs to be at their best through long hours of rehearsals, Puma came up with a collection that showcases linear elements, wide strapping, and woven details pulled from ballet technique: long lines, dynamic flexibility, and powerful movement.

Puma En Pointe

Puma has built the En Pointe collection for confident women to compliment all aspects of the hustler lifestyle; and because looking good feels good, the collection offers a variety of stylish pieces to play with. As a follow on from the first drop in January, which featured ever coveted millennial pink and an array of soft pastels, drop two of En Pointe is hitting stores this March, featuring soft colours in white and rock ridge grey colourways. 

Structure is created through pleating, rib textures, and buoyant fabrics. Metal details mix with shine and sporty trims to emphasise motion. Tonal is a must and lightweight is everything. It's less about changing outfits and more about layering; adding and subtracting items to keep muscles warm between dancing. Dancers must constantly strive to perfect their performance - therefore, showing off long lines is key, muted colours work best, and patterns are avoided because they distract from muscle definition.

Puma En Pointe

"We are not only dancers, we are athletes. We train countless hours a week and we need the right products to perform. We have to give it our all in training before we go on stage to shine," says Unity Phelan, NYCB soloist. 

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