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Durbanite fashion and beauty editor Nontando Mposo on dressing for impact

Nontando prints

Words: Jabulile Dlamini-Qwesha | Photography: Glen Montgomery

Lauded by the eThekwini municipality for her admirable contribution to fashion at the Durban Fashion Fair last year, Independent Media’s Nontando Mposo is a true fashion powerhouse whose looks stop many in their tracks. She is playful and unconstrained in her approach to fashion with one key rule: “I dress according to what’s flattering to my body and what best illustrates my personality.”

On why she views clothing as a crucial tool for self-expression, Nontando says “I think style is an external version of your personality. What you wear tells a story of who you are; it’s how you present yourself to the world.” And with how first impressions have been known to last, misrepresentation could have a tangible effect. While clocking IG style goals may be a real factor for many , Nontando notes that the key to that is staying true to yourself, “It’s all about having the self-confidence to believe that what you choose to wear looks and feels beautiful on you.”

My Aesthetic: Nontando Mposo

An essential detail to consider when approaching a trend, there is the general tendency of tapping into these from a “tried and tested” viewpoint, whereas it’s another opportunity to be chic and let your individuality shine. This is where Nontando emphasises giving the “cool kid” aesthetics a miss and being realistic about your own tastes. After all, there is only one you.

One of her own style icons is the inimitable Prince of Prints Chu Suwannapha, Nontando particularly appreciates his impressive eye for detail and stunning prints. The fact that they are both unafraid to mix and clash prints is another plus. In true Durbanite fashion, Nontando is well aware of her impactful style, “people are sure to look at me when I walk into a room. From big earrings to neck pieces, I love to make a statement. I guess my style acts as the perfect ice breaker.”

In the video below, watch how Nontando styles up some Superbalist key prints and then follow her lead so that you can do the most, too. 

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