Superbalist Solves The Kitchen

Kitting out a multipurpose space that’s hardworking yet easygoing

Photography: Frances Marais | Styling: Charl Edwards


Whatever size your kitchen space, it’s got to work hard. Preparation areas will never seem big enough and there’s a reason why too many cooks are known to spoil whatever’s in the making in a crowded kitchen, but space saving solutions and pieces that serve a variety of purposes (and dishes) are your secret ingredients.

kitchen chairs

Your kitchen area needs to be versatile: you’ll probably use it as a preparation area as well as a place to eat breakfast and host a dinner or two. Keep furnishings functional and multi-purpose, and dress them according to the occasion. 


Don’t worry about having a full range of cutlery, crockery and glassware from the moment you move in. Rather choose a solid option – there’s no shame in eating soup, cereal and dessert out of the same bowls – and stock up on simple styles you love. 


When buying cutlery, first ensure that it’s beautiful – it’s going to be with you at just about every meal that’s not pizza. Next, consider that that amount of use means that you’ll be washing it a fair amount of times, too, so choose as simple a shape as possible to avoid a struggle with nooks, crannies and curves.


Napkins are a nice mealtime touch – and another good option for those who want hints as to what you’d like for your housewarming. 

chopping board

Give credit to the support acts in your kitchen: those items that you think of as boring are often what makes the difference between time in the kitchen being a joy or a chore. Your selections should solve the little problems you encounter and make the tasks you enjoy even more pleasant. 

baking dishes

Love baking? Think big and choose large pieces that’ll serve you well for savoury cooking, too. Your mixing bowl can also serve salad and display fruit as a daily reminder to get some vitamin C, while your baking dish is just as happy to accommodate lasagne as it is to hold brownies. 

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