The Mixtape Vol. 148

Micr.Pluto takes us on a musical trip of through different rhythms, grooves, worlds and even galaxies

Cover photograph by Tribal Rebel Ludi

The underground just spun around and did a 360 and Micr.Pluto emerged to bless us with a full body experience. The Johannesburg-based visual artist, DJ and producer, also happens to be a co-founder of independent music label, Subterranean Wavelength. The label is home to fresh local electronic acts like Kajama (Nandi Ndlovu & Nongoma), Daev Martian and others. In this weeks mix, he brings together his musical mastery and visual artistry to produce a fully immersive experimental electronic escapade. 

How would you describe your sound?

It's hard to describe it as one notion. In a nutshell I would say it's a delicate balance of different influences, rhythms, grooves, sounds, worlds and even galaxies. I try not box or limit my sound to any confines.

Tell us about this mix you've made for us.

The mix explores a lot of my musical influences and what I have been listening to and resonating with lately in the electronic music sphere juxtaposed with my own production. It's a journey through different genres, styles and flavours of music. This embodies a lot of what I explore/experience in my production - whereby songs can be worlds apart but have synergy.

What’s your creative process like?

My creative process changes all the time, it's mostly dictated by my situation. I like working in different places and spaces and that usually influences my process.

You’ve collaborated with quite a few artists from Buli to Vox Portent, How do you approach collaboration?

I am very picky about who I work with because they influence the approach differently. My approach most of the time is to try let "my style" resonate in the music but always leave space to create something totally new.

Who are your favourite artists to collaborate with?

I have enjoyed most my collaborative work but my favourite collaborators are Mikhaela Faye, Tribal Rebel Ludi and Kajama.

What do you love most about the local beat scene?

The diversity and amount of music that's currently coming out is incredible. The hidden gems who spontaneously emerge every other month indicates growth and keeps the scene vibrant.

And if there was one thing you could change about it what would it be?

One thing I would change is the exclusivity factor. Networking, access to spaces and the lack of diversity with line-ups is a hindrance to the growth of the movement.

When and where can people catch you next?

I currently have no shows lined-up as I am in studio completing my next EP but I will be touring and will announce dates once that's confirmed.

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