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best mens watches

In a beautiful twist of fate it is none more fitting that a watch is one of the crucial cogs in the clockwork of your style. Often they can be taken at face value and DJ Khaled may lead you to believe that the bigger and shinier, the better. Wrong, DJ Khaled – clearly you don’t always win! With Superbalist's broad range of watch designs and brands, your ideal fit and choice are a few clicks away. Below, we’ve compiled some key silhouettes and advice so that you can pick the one that suits you best and naturally enhances your look.

The sophisticated one

best mens watches

Typified by its intricate face and classic brown wrist-straps, the sophisticated one transcends the business of simply giving you the time. In fact, it may take some accustoming to get into a groove of glancing down at your wrist and immediately knowing the time because of its carefully crafted construct. This, however, is part of their elegance – its delicacy, housed underneath sleek glass domes, can interact with your outfit. Linking the accessories of your outfit with one another is a timeless tool of fashion, but be weary of a belt option with a buckle that’s too bold as your watch because when resting along the side of your body, your wrist is often in line with your waist and belt. This could throw off your outfit and is also a risk of ‘being too much’ – no need to be ostentatious. Subtly combine with a formal shirt that has a collar which matches your watches face, or stock up on rich brown or otherwise earthy-coloured shoes to match the strap. The rich brown of the strapping, as seen in the Fossil watch above (features include fitness tracking, notifications, function control and it’s Bluetooth-enabled!), will naturally stand out while altogether complementing khakis, olive greens and burgundy. Too striking to wear everyday and too formal to be a weekend watch, it would be great for a casual evening out with friends or dinner with your bae. 

The minimalist one

best mens watches

Made for the modern among us, the minimalist one is a watch that interacts well with soft-of-tone outfits that focus more on colours and colour-blocking than on ‘enhancing’ an outfit. Rather than being the cherry on top of the cake, it is the vanilla essence instead, without which your cake would be something off its usual best – still edible, but not worth making an Instagram post about. Sleek arms and gentle indices mean that its colour is more pronounced than its actual construct – a marriage of modish simplicity. Depending on your colour preference they pair well with a complementing bottoms option and a contrasting shirt choice and Komono specialise in producing such sleek watches. The minimalist one is a trusted companion and what sets it apart is its versatility. It’s a great option for a more on-the-go formal look – open buttoned shirt and chinos – a slick street-savvy aesthetic – matching track pants or joggers and a white tee – and at ease with a more relaxed style of a check shirt and denim shorts.

The charged up one

best mens watches

The belief that big and bulky watches are only for men is a myth – as much a myth as grass is green. Often men fall prey to the insecurities of masculinity when seeing a bold watch and thinking that it’s the only design for them. Nonsense, we say! The charged up one is a style all its own that deserves to be worn with a fitting aesthetic, not shorts and flip flops. The charged up one needs a matching charged up style: bold and fearless. An on-trend take would draw inspiration from New York and British street fashion: striking Timberland boots and loose-fitting jeans (lose the skinny denim when rolling with the charged up one) worn with an athletic branded crewneck and jacket over it make for a wonderful welcoming party for this watch, especially the one above, by Michael Kors. Best worn at night for a more subtle addition to your look rather than being the standout inclusion in your outfit during the day when your clothing is looser and less, the charged up one is similar to going to a theme park: once in a while only.

The everyday one

best mens watches

The timeless one is so named because, one, it goes with everything and, two, because it will continue to thrive forever. The nature of late-capitalism means that the timeless ones have emerged in a number of different materials and colours over the years. From clasps to buckles, rubber to metal and black to gold, the timeless one is the Arnold Vosloo of watches: ever-present. However, that is not to say that you should be lazy and strap them with any outfit: they, much like the others, have their own unique style and way of adding to an outfit. Black rubber strapped timeless ones pair well with black-and-white aesthetics, which are timeless in their own right. Whereas gold ones afford a slightly more elegant look that isn’t too loud for day-to-day wear. Effortless to wear with your favourite jeans and kicks or a great way for a small pop of colour when worn with an easy-going summer look of shorts and a tee, a digital Casio watch is an essential part of anyone’s collection and rotation.

The Bruce Wayne

best mens watches

A sleek steel watch is the kind you’d coolly clasp around wrist before you get engaged, or before you enter a restaurant for a catch-up with your college friend who moved once the two of you graduated. It says a lot about you while saying nothing at all, and its beauty lies in its unquestionable elegance, for which brands like Diesel have defined themselves by. The important thing with the Bruce Wayne is that it should not stand out from your outfit, it should fit in snugly. If your watch choice stands out too boldly from your outfit you need to ask yourself two questions: one, how badly do I want to tell the time and, two, why am I trying to force people to look at my watch? Polished silver makes them great to pair with smooth suit pants and a blazer, a combination that’s easy on the eye and that will slowly become apparent to your company. Because of its colourway, the Bruce Wayne matches well with rich textures – especially navy and darkened oak tones – and your true elegance will only be noticed after a few second glances. 

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