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Explore the apartment trend that’s bringing the outdoors in

urban jungle trend

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Along with a love for avos and an infatuation with a certain shade of pink, our generation will be remembered for keeping a large amount of extremely well-documented houseplants. 

A number of factors are responsible for this: we’re living in smaller urban spaces and leading lives far too busy to keep a pet, never mind raise a kid, and so along with arrested development and being a generation of renters we’re amassing pot plants with the intensity of a crazy cat lady collecting strays. The fact that the leafy setups work so well with our Instagram aesthetic doesn’t hurt either...  

Wishing we were back here today eating everything and sliding down this railing! #tbt

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It’s also about wellness, and anyone who has kept a plant alive for an extended period of time will agree that it’s the perfect foil to sitting in front of a computer all day. And what better way to consistently focus on our well being than returning to a home filled with houseplants and benefits that include improved mental health, better air quality and because they’re about as needy as a Tamagotchi, no stress.  

Because just like the virtual pets we kept on a keychain in the 90s, our plants need light, air and fresh water to survive, but Child Protection Services or the SPCA aren’t exactly going to come breaking down the door if you kill them. 

Pantone describes its colour of 2017 as “Illustrative of flourishing foliage and the lushness of the great outdoors, the fortifying attributes of Greenery signal us to take a deep breath and oxygenate, leaving us feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.”

With the blurring of boundaries between home and garden we’re seeing more outdoor living spaces, as well as the outdoors being brought inside. Gardening makes us happy, keeps us grounded, and can create happier homes, literally giving our spaces life. 

And let’s not forget that plants look damn good, too, especially when highlighting your great taste in home furnishing. See our shop-the-story carousal for home décor inspiration.

You’re advised to get started with specimens like: fiddle leaf fig, mother in laws tongue, delicious monster and less imaginatively named specimens belonging to the succulent, ferns and cacti families.

Just remember to phone your mom for tips gained from years spent crushing on gardening-guru Keith Kirsten. She’ll help you with advice on potting, drainage, watering and light. Heck, this may just be the first step in her getting the grandchildren she’s always hammering on about…

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