3 fool-proof gifting options

Make last-minute gifting as easy as possible

We’ve all been there – you wake up in a cold sweat, hours before your alarm had planned to interrupt your slumber, with the pressing feeling that you’re forgetting something. As the waves of reality wash over you, so does the realisation that you’ve procrastinated getting a gift for a special occasion and there’s only one day left to get the job done.

In we step to save the day, and not just with the same-day-delivery option. Gifting should not only be a convenient process, it’s meant to be enjoyable. Whether it’s for a co-worker you don’t know too well, that special someone in your life or a family member that’ll never let you forget a bad gift, we’ve selected a few options to make your gifting process a breeze.

SAVE: Carried away mug 

There’s no better gift to show both your recognition and support of your giftee’s coffee addiction than a charming and functional flask. It works especially well as a neutral present for a colleague you might not know well enough for something more personal, or as a passive-aggressive hint for that co-worker who seemingly feels no shame for always using your mug. The metallic, gold finish makes it anything but an eyesore, and the printed phrase allows them to let everyone know what they’re about while waiting for the machine to churn out another serving of nearly-drinkable coffee.

SPEND: Jamie Oliver’s everyday cutlery set

If you’ve got the goods and you’re morally in debt with the intended recipient or they’ve recently moved into a new place, this 16 piece cutlery set will definitely put you in good stead. Packed with a better-than-basic set of flatware for 4, with a polished stainless steel finish that's both classic and sleek, it’s the ideal option for that friend or family member who neglects the essentials. Sadly, while it’s got everyone’s favourite lisping chef’s stamp of approval, he’s not included in the set. Shame.

SPLASH OUT: Instax Mini 9 camera

Only for the most well-behaved of potential recipients, Instax’s polaroid cameras are a gift that truly keeps on giving. They’re perhaps best-suited to a significant other, with the smooth disclaimer that you got it to document your very happy relationship. Works like a charm. Bonus points for gifting it during the holiday season, a time when a substantial amount of photo-worthy moments are just waiting to be immortalised. Pick and choose between a selection of pastel colours to find just the right one, and stock up on a host of accessories including film, photo albums, cases and more to take your gift up a notch.

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