5 Weddings, 5 Looks

Rule #1 of weddings: look damn good

wedding looks

Words: Nabeel Allie | Photography: REX Features

You were sitting around with your friends in the early evening and – in the hopes of possibly getting some tapas and Appletinis – you thought to ask what everyone was doing this weekend. Just as the honey did when you were making your cup of Rooibos tea this morning, your heart sunk when someone said, "It’s a friend of mine’s wedding." No Appletinis this weekend, unfortunately. "It’s a Secret Garden theme," they say, unable to contain their excitement which at this point is toxic, spreading infectious enthusiasm around the table. Although you may not be invited to this wedding, you have one coming up next month, and before you know it you’ve banished Appletinis to the books of forgotten history with your thought-process plainly set on discussing what everyone would wear to these weddings. We’ve picked five wedding types that may pop up for you as the weather warms and have a few key tips so that you can use those famous words, “I do… look good.”


modest wedding

Your mommy’s cousin, Aunty Zulaigha, is going to be at this wedding. No one’s really sure how she’s at every wedding or how she gets there, but regardless of her at-times questionable position in the family, she lets you know that covering up is a wondrous expression of beauty – as well as ideal for warm weather. Dressing modestly allows you to play with colours to construct a striking outfit. Warm weather colours, like beige and tans, baby blue, lavender and gentle stripes are must-haves for a timeless look. Pair of a soft lavender scarf, with a matching blue blouse and culotte and nude block heels for a beautiful look and loose feel. A big plus: your jewellery with pop like never before.


destination wedding

If you have friends who have destination weddings – damn, boo. You’d best believe that if you’re flying to an exotic location you’re going to channel the freshly-squeezed warm weather and stunning beaches with a gorgeous outfit. A soft-to-the-touch jumpsuit is ideal for when your friends or family tie the knot with their toes in the sand. Play with tones, with a splash of print or embroidery, and complementing throw-over scarves – and if you want to opt for a safer, more classic look, a midi-dress is a must. Elegant when worn with heels, easy to pair with flat sandals, and on-point even when you’re barefoot, a jumpsuit is an ideal look for a sunny, outdoor occasion. A big plus: ajumpsuit will keep you cool throughout.


traditional wedding

If you’re attending a traditional wedding this season you’ll be one of two people: you’re either part of the history and heritage, or you’re a guest. Your position plays a big role in your fashion. For those who are a part of, combining a contemporary twist with customary clothing need not be a challenge anymore. Accentuate outfits that are pattern-heavy with tonal pieces; try a your hand at a plain headscarf, or a mesh material for your upper body paired with historic patterns on your skirt. Alternatively, treat yourself by making a statement in a jumpsuit, ideal for warm weather, that incorporates patterns in its colourway or via shoulder, collar, cuff or belt-specific patterns. As a guest, show respect by asking the family how to honour their heritage and if they’re cool with you styling in patterns and motifs. You could strike it down the middle by employing important colours in your outfit rather than patterns.


rustic wedding

Rustic weddings balance a formal affair with an outdoor element, which means you have more freedom to style an outfit. Lace sleeves, collars or designs along your blouse paired with loose-fitting brown trousers would set you apart from the rest. On top of everything though, don’t be afraid to use a deep blue in your outfit. A big plus: your jacket option can be just about anything.


city wedding

A growing trend, urban weddings speak directly to young people or our middle-aged comrades who are young at heart. Think exposed bricks, chalk boards, lanterns draped as an illuminated hanging ceiling, copper details and bougainvilleas. Pants are a stylistic-must in this environment and they allow you to step out of conventional gender norms of dressesand jumpsuits. Janelle Monae, Salma Hayek, and Emma Watson have shown just how stylish one can be in well-fitting pants and a blazer. A big plus: buttoning up your shirt is entirely optional.

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