A Warm-Weather Colour Checklist

Five hues you need to brighten up this season

Photography: REX Features

Warmer days are here, which means it’s time to serve some seriously bold n sassy colour looks! Here are our picks of the five colour trends that will have you ready to hang up your neutrals.



Word on the street (and we obv mean the fashion streets) is that yellow is the new Millennial Pink. Yellow is already proving to be a huge trend this year if social media is anything to go by. Yellow is both pleasing-to-the-eye while still being bold and modern. The key however is finding the perfect hue to fit your skin tone: if the thought of rocking such a bright and bold colour intimidates you, go for a pale or mustard hue.



From pastel lilacs, to blues, to pinks – nothing says cute, playful, innocent and fun like a pastel shade. For an even bolder look, take a page from the runway and incorporate multiple pastel hues into one outfit. Nothing screams teenage problems like a mismatched pastel outfit! Which totally hits the perfect 2017 note of both trying and caring, while seemingly not.



We may not have the ability to predict the future, but what we do know for sure is that fuchsia is definitely this season's colour to try. So, consider this a friendly PSA. Rock this super bold hue in a luxe fabric (we’re thinking fuchsia silk pants) or ease into the trend with a pair of fuchsia heels or fitted blazer.



Yes, we know what you’re thinking: monochrome is not a colour. But what it is is a major trend this season! The trick to nailing the monochrome spring look is incorporating various colour tones/gradients that are from the same colour family. So, pick a shade and commit.



Let’s unpack this look: floaty white maxi dresses or simple white shirt dresses. As long as it's super breezy and white, it’s bang on trend. That’s all.

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