The Mixtape Vol. 124

Bounce your head to this groovy mix by Fernando

In his six months of playing sets in and around Cape Town, 21-year old Fernando Damon has opened for the likes of SAMIYAM, DJ Lag and more. 

It’s been quite a wild ride for someone who only started making music a year and a half ago, and Fernando’s most proud of the remix he did for Maramza, saying that, “The experiences and some of the people I have been fortunate enough to come into contact with through music have made me want to find and make the best music I possibly can.”

This month Fernando will be working on an EP at the Red Bull Studios, and in the meantime you can bounce to this exclusive mix that he made for The Way of Us. 

Find out more about the artist after the jump.

What’s it like being a DJ in 2017?

I wouldn’t say I am living the dream, yet, but I’m only 21 and I feel that working hard at your craft is the most important part of being, or aspiring to be, a musician.

What makes a great song?

I don’t know to be honest. It just has to make one person feel something.

What makes a good remix?

I think paying homage to the original and adding just enough of your own originality is key. You should try and be heard through the RE- mixing of the original. 

Where have you played and where would you still like to play?

 Castle of Goodhope, Fiction, Waiting Room and a couple of support performances with Dada Shiva. I’d love to make my way to a few places in South Africa like Kitcheners, as I haven’t done so yet, and then eventually play my music abroad. 

What’s on this mix you made for us?

A small collection of my favourite beats from my favourite beatmakers and producers. Prepare to head nod, it's extremely groovy

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