Unlocking Your Yogi Potential

5 health and wellness tips from Yoga Instructor Caralishious

Unlocking Your Yogi Potential

Whether you’re a beginner or getting back into the yoga classes you diligently attended last summer, building the strength required for poses requires discipline. If you’re a natural live wire, the idea of bombing out could be enough to put you off even trying. Because we’re serious about reaching these body goals (this time), we got five key yoga tips from fitness aficionado Caralishious, who says... 

“Yoga being both a strength building and restorative exercise makes it an incredible way to get your body moving while bringing about focus, calmness and clarity. That mind and body aspect makes it my exercise of choice.”

Unlocking Your Yogi Potential

Take your time

"Diving into yoga head-first can end up being counterproductive. Ease your body into the practice. Start slow, learn the basics and allow yourself to progress naturally as you develop the strength and focus required for more advanced postures.

It's also very important to be mindful in your practice, don’t force your body or over-stretch, because that’s when injuries occur. On the flip side, though, you need to challenge yourself – playing it safe all the time could result in you getting bored and slacking with your yoga technique. So, find a balance and give yoga a real chance – like 3-4 weeks before deciding whether it’s for you or not."


"Breathing deeply and effectively during exercise increases oxygen intake, on a cellular level, which maximises energy and ensures you’re performing at your peak. You also get an extra kick of stamina, a metabolic boost and can keep going for longer."

Prioritise health

"Healthy living requires schedule adjustments and commitment. Yes, convenience foods are easier to and save time, but they take their toll on our wellbeing in the long run. Nothing worthwhile comes easy, and health is no different, it needs prioritisation, which means you need to be organised! Cooking large batches, freezing meals and sealing cooked vegetables is a simple place to start with meal preparation, which ultimately saves you time and is better for your body. Also, keep lasting wholesome snacks for unexpected hunger pangs."

You can still eat out

"Raw in Sea Point: everything there is delicious and mindfully prepared – their matcha flapjacks are everything! I make sure to visit each time I travel to Cape Town. Leafy Greens Café in Muldersdrift, Joburg, does scrumptious Sunday brunch buffets with super-healthy pizzas and desserts. I also love that they are pet friendly, so I bring my pooch with me to enjoy a fun day out, from time to time."

It’s so true, it’s almost a cliché

Raw almonds are the ultimate go-to snack. Perfect for keeping blood sugar levels in check, high in protein and contain healthy fats which keep me feeling satisfied. Plus, they’re easy to carry around in my bag.

Check out Cara Lisa's website for more health and lifestyle tips.

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