The Ideal Commuter Shoes

Things to do, places to be? We’ve got you covered.

Perfect commuter shoes

Being an adult (working professional or post-grad student) is already difficult enough without the inconvenience of an uncomfortable pair of shoes. While heels are great in that they provide height and confidence, they all too often leave your feet painful and swollen after a long and busy day. Worry not, we’ve got just the right shoes that won’t have you feeling like Bambi on ice while commuting to work but are smart enough to make a good impression for meetings with clients or potential employers.

Swap out your heels for high-shine brogues. Not only are they comfortable but they’re also incredibly stylish. If you’re looking for something a little less bold, you can slide into sophisticated mules: Much like your heels, either of these pairs will lend stylish comfort to pretty much any outfit.

We suggest you keep it simple and wear them to work with a crisp white button-up shirt and black cropped formal pants for a look that makes a comfortable and confident statement –one that you’ll be happy to keep making hours later when you step out for after work drinks with friends.

If you’re an off-the-cuff kind of person who prefers to get things done as in when they need to be done, you need a pair of shoes that’s just as spontaneous as you and fit seamlessly into your freelancer lifestyle.

Sneakers are a great option because they’re versatile, comfortable and offer the support you need from on an on-the-go shoe.

Sneakers are no longer seen as just a casual weekend shoe, with new and retro designs, they’re owning their space in many work wardrobes. Upgrade your shoe collection with a cool pair of kicks that will easily and comfortably take you from a meeting with a client to Home Affairs before they go “offline” without slowing you down.

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