The Mixtape Vol. 121

Loui Lvndn has a debut album out and made The Way of Us a mixtape to celebrate

A lot has changed in Lutho Mtyamde’s life since we last featured him 59 Mondays ago. Lutho, aka Loui Lvndn, is now an award-winning graduate signed with Gallo Record Company, and has released his debut album Your Princess is in Another Castle.

“Shout out to everybody on this album,” says Loui. “Tyrone Ward Parsons for the groovy licks. Special thanks to Alex Leeu. A huge flaming high five to Jumping Back Slash and Spoek Mathambo for making this thing next level.”

We won’t keep you from hearing more from the young musician on an upward trajectory, and you can find out more about him after the jump.

How does making an album compare to an EP?

The turn around for the album was much quicker than the EP. I suppose with the EP I was still finding myself a little. With this new album I know who I am and being behind all the composition means that this is exactly how Loui sounds, y'know? I'm at an honest place. I worked with Jumping Back Slash who was the superb producer on the album. We really dug into it together and turned a really ambitious project around with a lot of finesse. Being with a label definitely has smoothed over the production process versus scrambling for resources and practising patience with the EP. But yeah, this was always in the vision.

Tell us about working with Spoek on those two tracks.

Wild genius man, that. We actually did ‘Nothings Ever Perfect’ and ‘Landed’ for his album Mzansi Beat Code where he removed his verse from the former to sit on the producer/curator chair for his project. But I loved his verse so much I had to have the version with his raps on my album. These two are bonus tracks. One for physical release and one for digital. I love working with Spoek, the synergy is always tangible. We'd jam whenever the boy was in South Africa and liaise to death on the tracks till we got them perfect. On ‘Body of Work’ (track 3 on my album) I have this acapella-built beat I made with a Kwaito-inspired drum pattern. Once I'd recorded the demo, Spoek was always going to be my choice. He came through perfectly.

How will your degree assist you in promoting this album?

Well, being a design graduate makes the art direction of the project a key element in telling the album's story. Naturally, I designed the cover and song art for the tracks we have dropped with Apple Music. When it comes to the visuals, even though I love collaborating  (as I did with Brian Molepo for the photography), I have the skill-set to execute my ideas now.

What's in the mixtape you made for us?

So I call this mixtape LVNDN and I thought it great for some folks new to the sound to get an idea of where Loui Lvndn comes from. Y'know, to better equip them for the album and the future. So I made a reversed timeline-type of mixtape starting from my latest single ‘Kill Her Killer’ and an exclusive track from the album The House, through my journey all the way back to my first song released as Loui Lvndn – ‘Funnily’. I've included songs and features people may not know. It's quite a dope selection. I hope you enjoy it.

Where can we buy your new album or watch you perform? And will there be any music videos?

The album dropped exclusively on Apple Music. Get it here. The album has also been available in stores nationwide since the 24th July, so make sure you get a copy. Both versions come with a booklet with exclusive art and all song lyrics. I will be doing a lot of live shows soon, and am currently setting up my new live outfit so look out for dates on my social media. Aaaaaand yes. Visuals for the album coming soon, too. About to shoot a really big video for 'Kill Her Killer'. Very excited for that. Way more to come right after.

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