Currently Coveting: Eva Sling bag

Own the day with a purse in power red

Currently Coveting: Eva Sling bag

Colour theory is a thing, and the colour red has quite a few ideas commonly associated with it — power and sex appeal — and then emotions like passion and anger. Throw all that into the chaos of everyday life and it’s no wonder people shy away from it. It’s a shame really, because red is too beautiful a colour to be relegated to Christmas sweaters. This stunning dailyfriday Eva sling bag is an easy way to work it into your look — a baby step with a big impact.

This is the kind of accessory that makes all the difference to a plain outfit with minimum effort, like a lazy day dress. The clean lines, polished hardware and punchy colour say it all so you don’t need to. It’s also light and compact, with just enough room for the essentials.

Stumped for how to work it into your wardrobe? The Way of Us has some solutions...

On a canvas of head-to-toe black, a red bag is a killer punctuation mark. For a colour punch that’s pleasing to the eye, pair red with green. We know it sounds like a lot to handle but they are complementary colours and as long as you match tones (cool with cool and warm with warm) you’ll look amazing. Trust us, it’s scientific. And then when you’re ready play it up with more accessories. Red sneakers, red earrings, and a red lip can all come to the party.

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