The Mixtape Vol. 116

Shane Cooper introduces us to his new band MABUTA

Shane Cooper is considered to be one of South Africa's most dynamic bassists and composers, working as both a prolific jazz musician and electronic music artist. His debut acoustic jazz album 'Oscillations' won the coveted South African Music Award for Best Jazz Album in 2014 while he’s performed extensively around the world as a double bassist working with a variety of artists such as Zim Ngqawana, Lionel Loueke, Kyle Shepherd, Skyjack, and many more.

As an electronic artist working under the alias Card On Spokes, Shane's performed at major festivals across South Africa, sharing the stage with Little Dragon, Young Fathers, and Daedelus, appearing live on Boiler Room, and a number one song on YFM and international airplay on BBC Radio 3 and Radio 6.

This year Shane launched his new band MABUTA, which merges jazz, world music and electronic music influences into a cohesive live sound. The band comprises some of the top young jazz instrumentalists in South Africa right now, who form part of the energetic global jazz resurgence.

They are Bokani Dyer on piano and synths, Marlon Witbooi on drums, Sisonke Xonti on tenor saxophone, and Robin Fassie-Kock on trumpet.

MABUTA is running a crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo.com for the month of July to raise money to record in studio later this year. After which they’ll release a full length studio album, as well as a remixes EP featuring some incredible producers from around the world including Daedelus (Brainfeeder, NinjaTune), Slugabed (Ninja Tune, Anticon), Kid Fonque (Stay True Sounds), and Jazzuelle (Get Physical Music).

To support the campaign click this and you can read an interview with Shane talking about his new band and the exclusive mix he made for The Way of Us, after the jump.

Why have you decided to start this new band, MABUTA?

I wanted to start a new band that combined influences from my jazz roots and my electronic music roots. Something that could work in a jazz club, or a dance floor stage at a festival. MABUTA is this for me.

You're busy crowdfunding an album. How has technology like this given more power to artists?

It's enabling me to reach out to people as an independent artist, and get them interested in my ideas. Instead of trying to create this album through a record label, I'm going straight to the listeners and asking them to be part of the process from the very beginning of creating this record. They have the power to assist in creating new works without the interference of big corporate labels. It's like another kind of indie label, but completely community driven.

How's it been playing this year's Grahamstown Festival?

The G-Town fest has been amazing this year. I've been here so many times, it's really one of my favourite festivals in the world.

Next week you'll be playing gigs in Joburg, tell us about those. 

MABUTA is going to be playing at the Orbit in Braamfontein on Friday and Saturday 14 & 15 July. We're also going to feature the incredible vocalist Bonj Mpanza on two band versions of Card On Spokes tracks. The shows will also be in support of the album funding, so I hope all the Jozi readers can make the gig! There will be a vinyl party downstairs afterwards on both nights as well.

What's in the mix you made for The Way of Us?

This is a selection of both jazz and electronic music I've either written or co-written. There is music from my last Card On Spokes EP 'As We Surface', from my last jazz record 'Oscillations' and from the triple album by Restless Natives. I've also added my new Card On Spokes single 'Layers' which is from the new 'Beating Heart - South Africa Vol. 2' EP that just came out. It features some brilliant producers including Goldie's new project, and the profits from the series go to the Women's Legal Centre.

Anything to add, please do so here... 

If anyone would like to support the MABUTA crowdfunding campaign they can go here and In exchange they'll get limited edition 7-inch vinyls (with a band track on one side, and a remix on the other), T-shirts, tote bags, CDs, house concerts and loads more. They can also follow my work on www.shanecoopermusic.com

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