The Mixtape Vol. 96

Len Cockraft shares a mix of the various projects he’s involved in

Slapping the bass for Context Model, doing synths and programming stuff in Tannhäuser gate and with a solo techno project called Structure, Len Cockraft's been playing in bands from around the age of 13.

After founding and running the Marvel electronica nights with Markus Wormstorm between 2004 and 2008, Len pulled his drum kit from out of the cupboard and started up a punk band called The Right Nows, after which he teamed up with Nikhil Singh and Gareth Dawson to form The Wild Eyes. After they split, Len and Gareth started electronic band Tannhäuser gate and have recently gone back to a guitar, bass and drum setup for Context Model. 

We asked Len to mix The Way of Us a musical CV of sorts, and then got him to unpack each of the tracks, which you can read after the jump.

Which bands did you grow up listening to and what are you into nowadays?

I was really lucky to have a few older friends and family around me who where into good music, my parents where also really cool with letting me go to gigs at a young age so I got introduced to all the classics really early on. The Cure, Killing Joke, Skinny Puppy, Bauhaus, Depeche Mode, Joy Division, Crass, Sisters of Mercy, The Mob, Zounds, Stiff Little Fingers… that sorta stuff. This is still the sort of stuff I listen to.

Who are your favourite artists to collaborate with?

I'm doing the Structure thing with Eve Rakow from The Frown otherwise I play in bands, so that’s a collaboration I guess?

What's the worst part about being a South African musician?

The celebration of mediocrity generally across the board.

Tell us about this mix you've made for us.

Track 1. Context Model, ‘Border’. 

We just recorded it, I think the lyrics are pretty self explanatory if you turn on a tv or look at any social media.

Track 2. TWINS, ‘Stuck’. 

Twins is Matt Weiner, owner of DKA & CGI records in Atlanta in the U.S, who has signed some tracks and done vinyl releases for Tannhäuser gate. They're a really great label, go check them out.

Track 3. Void Vision, ‘Everything is fine’. 

Void Vision is Shari Vari from Philadelphia. This track was my favourite from a compilation that Tannhäuser gate had a track on. The release was put out by a Berlin-based label called Flexiwave and we actually just contributed to the new compilation.

Track 4. Featurless Ghost, ‘Video Enforcement’ (Tannhäuser gate Remix). This is a really great band from Atlanta that we did a remix for. I really miss these guys. R.I.P. Biologically-Sound Cyber-Bodies is still a favourite album.

Track 5. Structure & Rakow, ‘Data Harvest’. 

This is my solo project featuring Eve Rakow, which is getting a vinyl release through Flexiwave records in Berlin shortly.

Track 6. Kontravoid, ‘Impurities’ (Tannhäuser gate Remix). 

Kontravoid is Cam Findlay from Crystal Castles. I sent him some tracks of ours and he was really into it, and asked if we could do a remix and this was the result. It ended up on the physical release.

Track 7. Structure, ‘Physical Being’. 

I found this on my hard drive while going through tracks. I don’t even know when I made it, but threw it in for good measure.

Describe your dance style


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