The Mixtape Vol. 114

Big Ghost Ltd. presents an 80s soundscape equal parts dark and colourful

2017 may well be remembered for mumble rap and a new school who built on the previous year's legacy of hits sustituting bars for sound effects like "skrrt", "dat way", and of course "grrah". 

Keeping the game honest is Big Ghost Ltd, an anonymous internet presence and rap music custodian who drops “immaculate scrolls n luxurious fur sofas n velvet walls of paragraphs” in what’s often compared to the voice of Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah.

Whether it’s describing Drake as “the Kitten Whisperer",  "the Michael Bublé of rap" and "the human croissant” or song-by-song reviews of major hip-hop albums, the God is enlightening hip hop fans on that real hip-hop. 

In 2015 we discovered that Big Ghost not only has poetry in his blood, but ill production skills, too, after he dropped Griselda Ghost, a mixtape with Westside Gunn & ConwayThis was no fluke and 2016 saw him produce Vic Spencer’s The Ghost of Living

Today, we’re excited to share with you the latest aural offering from “the legendary Apocalypse Hands aka Volcano Hands aka The Mighty Hands of Zeus" himself who describes his latest blessing, Hus Kingpin’s Cocaine Beach, as such…

“The vibe on this project is flat out what you see on the cover yo...the soundscapes of that 80s crack epidemic. Dirty Money. Reaganomics... Dapper Dan suits, Miami Vice... Lamborghini Countaches and Ferrari Testarossas... ...Chicks rocking aerobic sh*t with headbands and colourful thong leotards on top of spandex leggings... Let the music carry you away to that time...to a place called Cocaine Beach.”

While it’s one thing criticising wack rappers it’s something else entirely when you’re able to step up and produce work that backs it up. 


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