Maximum Impact: Meet The Models

Get to know the talent from our latest television commercial, Maximum Impact

Maximum Impact

Just because it’s high winter doesn’t mean you should wrap up in different shades of grey. Stay warm and make a statement in the season's biggest trend: max impact.

Maximum impact is all about making a statement in attention-grabbing outfits. Think faux furs, prints, metallics, clashes of colour and those stories in the sidebar on the right. 

We asked the talent from our latest TVC to unpack the maximum impact trend and then tell us a little bit more about themselves, too. 

Jacelyn Rutledge


New York

Maximum Impact

Describe the maximum impact trend.

It’s about wearing at least one piece that makes an impact towards your outfit. That one statement piece that stands out and, well, creates maximum impact.

How would you incorporate the maximum impact trend into your existing style?

My pink faux fur jacket. I like to mix in high fashion stuff with thrift store finds. I have some really baggy old T-shirts that I’d wear with a fur like this. I also have these slacks that are sophisticated but still casual. Even these sparkley heels that I have are pretty dope. There’s a lot going on. It’s very fashion.

Why is this a trend that will work for winter?

Winter is really fun because you get to layer everything. Especially in New York where it gets so cold. I like to put on my big fur coat with a beanie and a scarf and these crazy leather gloves. Put all the accessories on. They say less is more but I say less is a bore. Put it all on. Go for it.

Describe your downtime style?

It’s exactly that, more downtime, baggy fits, thrift store finds, worn out T-shirts and pants. Going out I’ll be in boots and jeans, a T-shirt and a cool leather jacket…. Really laid back, but I put in a lot of effort to look laid back. I like to find the medium in the middle between girly girl and tomboy.

Something you’ve always wanted to do is?

I’ve always wanted to swim with sharks. I think that sounds like fun. I mean like being free with it. Not necessarily in a cage. I went skydiving. That was amazing. I’m actually going to get certified when I go back home.

Ella Jayne Bailey


Cape Town

Maximum Impact

Describe maximum impact style.

It’s very noticeable and brings attention to you, in a good way, and I think if you’re confident and can pull it off then it’s great.

How would you incorporate the maximum impact trend into your existing style?

A super-big navy blue puffer jacket, which is classic, but worn in a more edgy way.

Why is this a trend that will work for winter?

It’s super warm, very stylish, it’s great…

If you could only wear one pair of shoes for the rest of your life what would they be?

Probably a pair of black All Stars. The high tops are classics and can go with anything.

What are you working on right now?

Online courses. I’m studying history, philosophy, english… kind of whatever interests me online. It’s free and certain courses offer certification. Modelling is incredible but not that intellectually stimulating, so I use all my downtime, or when I have the day off, to fill the time with studying.

Tanya Nzonzimbu


Congo DRC

Maximum Impact

Describe maximum impact style?

I love the bright colours, the faux fur, the textures, the bold prints, also the high heels.

How would you incorporate the maximum impact trend into your existing style?

I don’t stick to one trend, I love boots; high heeled boots, I hate flats. I love dresses, miniskirts and culottes in my favourite colours white, blue and black.

Why is this a trend that will work for winter?

I love to feel sexy. I’m a club girl, I love the way Rihanna dresses

Describe your morning routine?

I wake up every morning and run to get ready for the day. Sometimes I go to the gym, but not everyday.

What’s your favourite emoji?

The face with the hearts for eyes.

Who is your favourite celebrity?

I don’t have one.

Are you a celebrity?

Not yet.

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