5 Fashion Qs: Luca Williams

The dedicated follower of fashion shares his views on the game

We first introduced Clint Luca Williams to the Superbalist audience when we shot an editorial with the butter boyz, a street fashion crew of likeminded individuals pooling their talents and resources to get things done. Since then the rapper and musician has loaned his looks to numerous brands, most recently collaborating with Pieter Hugo on a series for Balenciaga. Yes, that Balenciaga. The high fashion hip-hop head with a dome full of dreads, and even more hustles, answered five quick fashion questions for The Way of Us. Get to know the man a little bit more intimately after the jump. 

Luca Williams

1. When did you first become conscious of your style?
In grade three when I couldn't get the Nike Cortez so my mom got me a pair of adidas alternatives, therefore making me hyper-aware of the social clout that brands and fashion possess.  

2. If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life what would it be and why? 
A bomber jacket with an orange interior, 1460 black Doc Martens, straight cut and slightly cropped black pants and gangster silver jewellery.

3. What does fashion need less of? 
Less non-functional clothing, anything that doesn't serve the human body as effectively as it should, and less unethically manufactured clothing.

4. Which trends should we get into immediately?
Sick-ass pants and fire trousers.

5. Who are the next five people we need to profile? 
Ulfah Davids because her eye for textures and shape is impeccable; Casey Redlinghys, who is the perfect example of the modern, high fashion boy next door; my sportswear idol Sarah Hugo; Martin Magner for his eclectic taste and footwear collection; and Zia Haffejee due to his amazing understanding of utility wear and the urban application thereof.

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