Best Boots For Men

Winterize your footwear with boots that can stand up to the weather

If the shoe section of your wardrobe consists solely of sneakers then you're missing a trick. Turn your attention to the wide variety of boots available and step into winter with confidence. Your feet will be better protected, you'll stay warmer and you'll be able to create looks best described as "grown-ass man." 

Dress boot

Best boots for men

When smart dress codes come knocking on a cold evening, you'll be dapper and prepared in a pair of glossy black boots. Try brown and brogued if you're one to flaunt traditional dress codes, but stay away from broguing for night-time and stick with minimal trimmings and a simple cut, in black leather for versatility, if you're a stickler for the rules. 

Chelsea boot

Best boots for men

Chelsea boots are your all-day, every-wear companion. Strictly speaking they are casualwear, but exceptions can be made for slick styles. Look for a matte or nubuck texture in natural shades and check the stitching where the leather meets the elastic panels – wear will show up here before it shows up anywhere else, so be sure it's quality work.

Lace up boot

Best boots for men

Long the territory of motorcycle riders and emo teens, lace-up boots have also been reinvented for everyday life by fashion designers for their rugged, edgy appeal. Yours should reach only as high as is flattering. That means shorter boots for shorter legs. 

Utility boot

Best boots for men

Long live the lugsole, a practical sturdy design that also looks incredibly cool courtesy of recent runway forays into utility wear. Your collection should start with a pair of classics such as tan Timberlands. If you'd prefer not to have to be precious about keeping nubuck clean, canvas Palladiums are military issue and have looked good since forever.

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