Try out our advice before making your next denim purchase

Ever wondered what the difference is between a pricey and not-so-pricey pair of jeans? I’ve done some reading on clothes that have similar fabrics and construction but a big difference in price and a few things stuck out:

• There are definitely levels to the quality of cotton available, but as long as the blend is made with a decent grade, fit is virtually unaffected.

• Specialised washes, waxed finishes and other effects can send the price skyrocketing, because most are still done by hand.

• While high-end denim mostly sticks to traditional styles because of the cost per wear factor, the lower the price, the more trends you can find to play with.

None of this actually helps you choose. Instead, it supports the case for buying diversely. The decision comes down to how you use your denim: Do you need dependable wardrobe staples, trendy styles for off-duty flexing, or a little of both? Browse on for our selection of G-Star RAW and dailyfriday denim to help you make up your mind.

True Blue

Nothing is better than a cool inky blue wash. Leave out the bells and whistles, this is denim that serves you best in its simplest form: slim fit and well made. Dress it up and down easily with your choice of top and shoes. As always, the washing machine is not your friend. For best results, hand wash only – as gently as possible and as infrequently as possible.

Classic Black

Black lends a simplicity to things that allows for a little more detail to be added without it looking OTT. If these are purely for stunting purposes, go for a biker style with contours cut and stitched in. If these need to work harder than that, then less is more. Black denim is just slick enough to replace your chinos at the office, but you should relegate these to weekend wear the second they’re not ink black anymore.

Well Aged

If you’re not the crafty type who takes pleasure and pride in wearing in denim the old fashioned way, the modern convenience of pre-aged denim is yours for the taking. Be discerning with more affordable brands, but most premium brands have a line of aged denim that will last a long time no matter how much it has already been through.

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