The Mixtape Vol. 104

Bombardier shares a mix filled with disco remixes and 90s-inspired House music

In a world where we’re spoilt for choice for DJs (read: everyone’s a DJ), Bombardier likes to distinguish himself as someone who works the classic 9-5 lifestyle, and happens to DJ for fun. By day, he’s Scott Dodds, wordsmith and cog in the Superbalist creative team; by night, he play gigs as Bombardier, when not in bed by 9.

You can find out more about our mild-mannered copywriter, after the jump.

What's your sound story?

I learnt to mix in 2012, and my first gig was with Cape Town institution Untamed Youth (RIP), at Fiction. I’m pretty sure it was a shocker, but it turned what was once a forgettable daydream into a feasible and rewarding hobby. By far the peak of my musical journey was playing at Rocking the Daisies twice, Grietfest, and both meeting and playing after musical heroes Classixx (thanks again Untamed Youth). I’ve been making my own tunes for a few years, though I’ll get back to you once I make something worth listening to.

What music did you grow up listening to and what are you into nowadays?

When I first properly became hooked on music I embraced the role of that annoying guy insisting this band you’ve never heard of is the new messiah. This was peak indie-rock time, so I was all over The Strokes, Phoenix, Cut Copy and Bloc Party. As tastes developed and indie music became a go-to genre for remixers, I began to delve into the Disco music that heavily influenced the dance music of 2009-2011. Now that’s almost all I listen to. Diana Ross, Chic, The Whispers, anything with Luther Vandross singing over it. Stuff that would sooner raise an eyebrow than get you any street cred.

Describe your dance style.

Subtle arm shaking, drastic leg moves.

Tell us about this mix you've made for us.

It’s a collection of Disco remixes with a dose of modern and 90s-inspired House music I’ve been into recently, hopefully woven together to make something you can listen to on the dancefloor or with your headphones in the office.

Where can we watch you play and keep up with all the things you're doing?

When I’m feeling productive my Soundcloud can be pretty up to date, and it’s got a backlog of my previous mixes. Gigs are few and far between in a saturated industry but I’m mostly active on Twitter, so any updates on gigs will probably be up there first.

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