A jack(et) of all trades

Atish Jogi knows a thing or two about jackets + coats for all closets

Words + styling: Kelly Fung | Photographs: Paul Samuels

Atish Jogi is an investment banker with a passion for good design and high-quality clothing. What he especially loves about fashion is its ability to tell stories, and Atish believes that it's the man who wears the clothes who's able to change his own story via the outfits that he puts together.

"We should also be looking within Africa for fashion inspiration. We should be looking at local brands and trends to inspire us so we’re able to tell an authentically African story. I believe that design in Africa is on par with the rest of the world, and the internet has levelled the global playing field. I hope we can step up and take pride in the continent’s talent instead of looking elsewhere."

You can take Atish's advice on styling your outermost layers and putting together transitional layering ensembles by scrolling through his five jackets and coat selects below. . 


"If there is one jacket that every man must own it’s the parka. I love the versatility of this jacket and believe that a good parka should always stay in the car. I chose to rock the parka over a full tracksuit to show how versatile the jacket can be. It's more about function than anything else."

"My love of fashion started in high school. I grew up in a small town called Carletonville where we had to wait for weekend trips to the city to buy good clothing. My weeks were spent researching trends and the latest fashion before missions to the city in order to shop for these items."


"I really enjoy the preppy versatility of the Harrington jacket. In my experience, I’ve found that the lining of these jackets is always interesting. I opted for a collared shirt to channel the preppy vibe but also chose to wear sneakers as they complemented the checkered lining."

"I think my style is influenced by my peers, music and the internet. I'll wear a suit for work and then spend the weekend in a full tracksuit because I’ve been listening to Stormzy. As I’ve grown older I’ve learned that the way you dress can represent how you feel."


"The colour of this puffer really appealed to me. I decided to style it with sneakers of a similar colour and a pair of grey pants. I think you’re likely to remove a puffer when entering a building so the sneakers provide some excitement for the rest of the outfit if the puffer ends up on the coat rack."

"This year I'm looking at bringing back puffer jackets and other items from ‘The Rave Wave’. I love the idea of layering with a colourful puffer jacket and and combining the look with some eccentric sunglasses and accessories for a 90s UK rave ensemble."


"I'm a big advocate for camo. I don’t think one needs to be excessive with it, so wear it as an accent like I did with this camo print quilted jacket. I rocked a pair of Grasshoppers as my dad used to have a pair and swore by their versatility. If you’re going to rock the camo at least make it look like you’re comfortable with getting dirty!

"Jackets are generally only worn for three-to-four months in South Africa and, as a result, I always look for styles that I'll be able to wear for a couple of seasons. Quality is paramount. I think it’s essential to pay a bit more for a brand or coat you know has great quality material and hardware."


"In my opinion, the bomber jacket shines most when styled in a preppy manner. I decided to wear a collared shirt and some fitted pants with the jacket, choosing a pair of sneakers to keep the outfit relevant to my lifestyle"

“'Make sure you feel comfortable with what you're wearing' is by far the best style advice I've ever received. I think it becomes extremely difficult to depict something honestly in a stylish manner if you're not comfortable in it. It’s very important to know what trends work and what types of material or cuts suit you."


"I remember A$AP Rocky wearing a similar overcoat during a performance a few years back. I have since seen him layer it over a sharp suit and over a hoodie and ripped jeans. I chose to style mine with a black suit as I love how the camel colour goes with it. I also really dig how the coat sits off the shoulder."

"In terms of jackets and coats, every wardrobe should include an overcoat and a raincoat. An overcoat is ideal in winter as it's both functional and effective in upgrading an entire outfit. It's a pure necessity for winter but can also be effective in complementing a good pair of sneakers."