Textural Beings

Discover yours, discover theirs, and find your element this Valentine's Day

Words: Cayleigh Bright | Photographs: Bevan Davis | Art Direction + Styling: Charl Edwards

What does your favourite natural texture say about you? Find out how to achieve your ultimate comfort zone, and give gifts that speak to the very fabric of your loved ones’ being.

The fan of marble has expensive taste in training. Until the day when he’s living in a home where the bathroom has sweeping views and countertops crafted from Volakas and Emperador, help him get the look.

Get them furniture, chopping boards that’ll last a lifetime, soft furnishings with unexpected textures, and right-on-trend phone covers.

Wrap it up in the luxury it deserves. Glossy wrapping with a big satin ribbon is the only way to go.

Then sit back and prepare for drinks at her place.

If you’re the one who loves marble we have to tell you that this is a trend in baking, too. Don’t type “marble look biscuits” into Pinterest if you plan to spend the next two weeks productively.

The fan of wood textures has a taste for the very earthy.

Get them chopping boards, minimal furniture, or some good cooking implements. Just maybe not knives unless you know them quite well, because that’s a little creepy?

Wrap it up in brown paper with twine, and a sprig of something. Like rosemary, or a flower, or some nice twigs or something – I don’t know, just make sure it’s not endangered.

Then sit back and prepare for a whole lot of roasts, from chicken with rosemary roast potatoes to finds of the more wild persuasion. Braais too. Vegan? Not to worry – he took a foraging course, and wait until you see what he can do with mushrooms.

If you’re the one who loves wooden stuff know your textures. Are you mixing and matching, or going for all dark, or all light? Is your look more Canadian log cabin or Swedish ski chalet? Are you going to continue to wear plaid, or give it up at risk of becoming a cliché? These are big questions, man.

The fan of copper has a serious case of nostalgia – and a real talent for right-now trends.

Get them lighting, little décor additions, some old martini glasses you’ve hunted down in a second-hand store, and maybe some cute board games or cards for games night?

Wrap it up in paper with gaudy, detailed illustrations of hearts and cupids, like they really would have in the 70s, or go with a simple sheet of metallic wrapping, like she imagines that they would have in the 70s.

Then sit back and prepare for Fondues, little sausages wrapped up in bacon, theme nights, and every old-school delight you can imagine – just hope and pray that she doesn’t start putting things in jelly.

If you’re the one who loves copper treat yourself to some wide-legged pants or a mustard-on-mustard look to complete your host-with-the-most look.

The fan of metal has two sides to her personality – both equally appealing.

Get them simple pieces if you don’t know them too well, or something with a lot of personality if you’re well-acquainted with theirs.

Wrap it up in something glittery and over-the-top. This guy’s got more of a sense of humour than you give him credit for – sometimes he just needs to be reminded.

Then sit back and prepare for sleek soirées – or the after party at her place, which is sure to get a little wild.

If you’re the one who loves metal you’re probably going to be called “cold” by someone soon enough. Don’t worry – we know you better than that.

The fan of glass has simple but exacting taste.

Get them glass-topped tables that make a modern statement, or beautiful beakers to be displayed on their own or holding a single flower. A subscription to Monocle wouldn’t go amiss, either.

Wrap it up carefully.

Then sit back and prepare for intellectual discussions over their drink of choice. We’re willing to bet it’s whisky or vodka – just don’t mix it with Coke, okay?

If you’re the one who loves glass try to bring some colour into your space too, okay? Wood also goes a long way in adding some warmth.

The fan of stone has a somewhat surprising love of warmth and cosiness.

Get them little tables to cover in ornaments and magazines, cushions to scatter everywhere and cuddle up with, and mugs that’ll see a whole lot of use.

Wrap it up in textured paper, or fabric, then add a thick ribbon.

Then sit back and prepare for romantic evenings with red wine poured into hot chocolate (it’s a thing) and his thoughts on the Danish concept of Hygge (it’s also a thing).

If you’re the one who loves stone treat yourself to another throw rug. We know that you can never have too many.