SAMW Report

The hits and misses from SAMW 2017

Words: Kelly Fung | Stills + Video: Video Content Gang 

With a new home at The Palms in Woodstock, SA Menswear Week seemed to swiftly reinvent itself, also reemerging with a stronger, tighter and more concise line-up of local and international talent. 

With the last-minute changes, and a brand-spanking new headline sponsor, we all hoped that this would mean a slicker, more grown-up version of the fledgling fashion week.

It did satisfy our expectations, save for the ongoing punctuality problem and ticketing debacles – hardly unique to SA Menswear Week, but in need of urgent address nonetheless.

The selection of designers was a worthy mix covering all bases from streetwear and punk to suave and experimental. The showcase, teeming with talent, sparked an excitement that we are so desperate for in getting the public to notice.

It was difficult not to believe the hype, one almost overlooked the question of whether we even need another fashion week on top of the two others we already have on the calendar – let alone one specifically for menswear.

But the platform is a special one, a fresh start to its possibly stale competition for both young and already-established designers. However, designers must be wary of playing too much into the gimmick: one needs to question how necessary multiple performers and celebrities-as-models are. Sure, they draw applause, but then who cares about the clothes?