3 ways to wear chinos

Out of office, chinos are a date night essential that can help you score

Words: Romeo Tenderheart | Photography: Bevan Davis | Styling: Gabrielle Kannemeyer & Charl Edwards

Why not slip into something a little bit more comfortable before the date even starts? Whether it’s a blind date or the date-night obligation you’ve been doing every Saturday night for the last six years of your long-term relationship, you should employ the office staple for more made-up looks that are as versatile as they are consistent. Shop Superbalist for the ultimate in date night dressing this Valentine's Day

Can’t stop thinking about you

How: You spotted one another on the street, found each other on Tinder, and have now decided on a face-to-face chat, IRL.

What: Smart pressed chinos, crisp white T-shirt, statement socks and box-fresh sneakers.

Why: It’s a chilled mid-afternoon coffee date and you don’t want to come across as trying too hard. However, you still need to make an effort. This look speaks of an innate sense of style without giving too much away.

Our tip: The statement socks add a hint of interest to what is already a pretty pared-back outfit. Just like you, there are hints of fun and different layers ready to be revealed.

Come up for a coffee

How: You’ve made a connection, taken the plunge and planned a real-life date that proves your generation isn’t all about casual hookups and can adult with the best of them. Make sure that after weeks of banter, there’s only one question after you’ve paid the bill – "my place or yours?"

What: Even though you don’t normally dress up, you should make an impression and ready yourself to reap the benefits. Pair your trusty chinos and plain white T-shirt with a smart tailored suit jacket and red-hot suede sneakers, then prepare to dazzle.

Why: The red kicks raise blood pressure and prove that you understand the psychology of date-night dressing. The smart jacket shows that you care and are ready to go wherever the night may take you, and even if it’s still technically summer, a lightweight jacket like this one will keep the chill off and will make for a gallant gesture when draped over your date’s shoulders while walking from the restaurant back to their apartment.

Our tip: Just the suit jacket is chill enough for a casual date and is not as stuffy or fussy as the full suit. And a T-shirt worn underneath instead of a button-down shirt means you can still rip it off in a moment of passion.

Send nudes

How: For the dude who has been on a couple of dates, is comfortable around this new person in his life, has decided to make a thing of it, but is now looking for some spice. Because even though things can sometimes get comfortable, you should still surprise this person with whom you’ve decided to share your life.

What: Chinos, Chelsea boots, a golf shirt and bomber jacket.

Why: You’ve been around one another for a while now, you’ve met each other’s friends and family, you know the other person’s likes and dislikes and even keep a toothbrush at their apartment. While it’s safe to say that you’re comfortable in one another’s presence, you should still look to inject some fun into the relationship whenever possible. Dress up, go someplace special and then later you can let your freak flag fly.

Our tip: The best nudes are the analogue type. Artfully shot photographs captured with a Polaroid are kinder to everybody, and don’t run the same risk of going viral on the internet if the relationship doesn’t work out the way you'd like it to.