The Mixtape Vol. 90

Pump up your gym playlist with these superb selects

Nothing lifts a workout like a good playlist. I know this not because I can solidly testify to it - to say exercise is not my strong suit is a gross understatement - but because my sister is a disciplined competitive runner and according to her, the song you play before the gun goes off is key. Naturally I’ve put all my faith in the sage advice of an 18 year old and have decided to set myself up for success with a workout playlist engineered for slayage. I’ve done a deep dive into SoundCloud’s fitness community and taken some suggestions from fit colleagues to pull together the most varied sound selection possible - everything from pop to trap is on this playlist, so you should find a mix that fits your reps. You go ahead, I’ll be clocking one more cheat day before committing to the most overrated and somehow still aspirational resolution of them all.

PS, to the right you’ll see your new workout gear, as well as our January Survival Guide. Press play and click away.