Resolutions made realistic

Get by with a little help from athleisure

Text: Talya Galasko | Photography: Bevan Davis | Styling: Gabrielle Kannemeyer

I’ve always believed that achieving the goals we set for ourselves depends on determination and planning. How badly do you want it, and what do you need to do in order to achieve it? It’s for these reasons that I struggle with the idea of New Year’s resolutions. Let’s be honest, following a festive season that’s had its physical and financial implications, there couldn’t be a worse time to expect people to put often vague and overwhelming goals into motion.

Nevertheless, January carries with it the promise of change by virtue of its being at the beginning of a new year. We know we should be doing something differently, and while the resolutions remain controversial, there’s something to be appreciated when it comes to a fresh start.

So, we sat down and thought about resolutions, realistically. Given that ‘staying fit’ and ‘losing weight’ ranked at numbers one and two on this year’s list, we decided to spread thin the fine details and uncover how the resolutionist might succeed. Whether you’re building on last year’s progress or simply starting out, we found the essentials to help up the intensity and get you going. Then, of course, we reworked the resolutions into something more manageable.

For the girl who loves to work out

The brand: Nike

The type: you’re at the gym six days of the week and follow your own training schedule seriously. You’re working for yourself, but the varsity joggers and baggy tee are not. You’re the girl who deserves a new workout wardrobe. There’s no need to invest from top to bottom all in one go, but you’ll find that simple steps – like a sweat-wicking training top – will offer the comfort you’ve been lacking, and let you focus on what’s important.

The resolution reworked: improve your performance with the right gear.

For the girl who's always on the go

The brand: adidas Originals

The type: your high-powered job means you're always out and about, and you'd take an impromptu hike or yoga class over being in the gym. Simply put, sturdy denims aren’t going to cut it this year. You're always ahead of the style set, so you’re not prepared to resign yourself to parachute pants either, but at the same time, you need something that will let you lead your lifestyle, not simply live it.

The resolution reworked: since you’re always on the move, make sure there’s nothing slowing you down. Start with the basics, like slim trainers or culotte-style joggers and you’ll find how quickly looking good has you feeling good too. A statement sports jacket can also go from daily runarounds to dinner with friends. 

For the fresh beginner

The brand: dailyfriday

The type: you’re a fresh face at gym. After six years of promising yourself that this was your time to shine, 2017 really is your time to shine.

The resolution, reworked: you shouldn’t dread working out. Perhaps you’ve been giving up too soon because you haven’t found what’s right for you yet, plus you find the gym incredibly intimidating. Be it yoga, incline walking, functional training – find something you enjoy doing, find a space where you enjoy doing it – and then do as much as you can. Invest in a few affordable essentials that’ll make you want to get up and go, too. Looking good will have you feeling good – bolstering that confidence on days you feel you need it.

For the sneaker enthusiast

The brand: assorted – your love for sneakers knows no bounds. 

The type: fitness is not your first calling, but athleisure style is. You see the benefit in being more active, you’re just not sure how.

The resolution reworked: you won’t be working out but you want to get your heart rate up and that means making active changes where possible. Take the stairs, that’s a rule. Even if you’re going up to the twentieth floor, that’s your challenge for the day. Sounds tough but at the same time, it wouldn’t hurt if those sneakers saw the outside of the shoe box. Get a sneaker cleaner if that was your next excuse, too…

For the fitness fanatic

The brand: Fitbit + more.

The type: fitness fanatic – a healthy, active lifestyle is what you know best.

The resolution, reworked: get the most out of your workouts by monitoring your activity with a fitness device, and motivating yourself with headphones. Depending on the fitness device you choose, you’ll be able to get valuable insights into your heart-rate activity during workouts, as well as the calories burned, steps taken, distance covered and pace achieved where relevant. For added insights, consider a device that lets you monitor sleep, activity during the day and nutrition so that you can work towards your goals, even if working out at the gym isn't your thing. Fitbit's sleek new band silhouettes also mean you'll want to wear yours wherever you are.