New year, new hue

What your decor updates mean for 2017

Words: Rosie Goddard | Photography: Bevan Davis | Styling: Charl Edwards

Most of my New Year resolutions have been horrible failures. Not because they were unattainable, but because I never set up any parameters to ensure I could achieve them. Case in point: the time my digs mates and I made an on-a-whim resolution to give up carbs and alcohol for a month. This ended four days later in a trip to the McDonald’s Drive Thru (pyjama-clad, slightly scared friend in tow) followed by a quick swing past the bordering KFC for a Krusher.

Cravings satisfied, dreams dashed.

Willpower is not something I possess in abundance, which means I need all the help I can get when it comes to making a change. Thus my ongoing aim to curb frivolous spending (on alcohol and eating out), has been aided by my attempt to create a space I want to spend most of my time in. What’s happening to the forever young, out-til-12-on-a-work-night version of me? Who knows, but she’s finally getting some sleep, and it feels good. Must be the thread count on those new sheets.

At the start of a new year, each change has meaning or an emotion behind it – a resolve to do better, be better and get your life together. Decor updates are perhaps the most satisfying, as if you choose right, you’ll own items you’ll love beyond the season, and see the tangible results as money well spent (v. different to examining your till slip from the bar the morning after).

Need a fresh start? Find out what these must-have decor updates mean for your 2017.

Your update is: lighting

Your colour is:
Yellow. The colour of sunshine, sunflowers the beach and butter – what’s not to love? Otherwise known as the colour of optimism, happiness and energy.

Your headspace
You’ll admit it, you got a bit gloomy towards the end of last year as the pressure mounted and one by one, your friends went on leave (the late nights probably didn’t help either). But now you’re ready for some serious me time, and that involves creating just the right atmosphere for your space. Whether you prefer modern minimalism or bohemian chaos, lighting is your ticket to a welcoming, homey environment.

Top tip:
Use a desk lamp to bring a soft glow to a new reading nook. All that’s left to do add is a little coffee table and that stack of books you’re going to work through over the coming months. Alternatively, pendant lamps will bring a cool, industrial touch to your living area.

Your update is: kitchenware

Your colour is:
Green. Not only is it the most refreshing hue, the colour of nature and new beginnings, it also represents well-being.

Your headspace:
The kitchen is both your happy place and your biggest enemy. It comforts you with home cooked meals, cups of tea and Nutribulleted vegetables, but it also tempts you into reacquainting yourself with some of your old friends – carbs. Wipe the slate clean with items that’ll make you want to spend inspired sessions in the kitchen –

Top tip:
Crockery is the way forward – you use it every day to display the fruits of your labour, and it’ll get you excited about entertaining, and producing photo-worthy food.

Your update is: furniture

Your colour is:
Pink – it's nurturing, loving and passionate, in both a romantic and platonic sense.

Your headspace:
You’ve spent more time rushing around and working than you have in your own home, and you’re done and you’re ready to get serious and focus on the things that matter: spending more time with family, friends, and creating a future home for yourself that doesn’t just feel like a sleep-it-off pitstop.

Whether you’re lending your space a little love, or vowing to spend more meaningful moments with your friends, giving your space some TLC will inevitably make it somewhere you want to spend more time in.

Top tip:
Storage racks will help you reduce the clutter and chaos on surfaces, allowing your new furniture to receive glowing praise it deserves.

Your update is: a rug

Your colour is:
Purple – the colour of sophistication, royalty, luxury. You’re feeling grown up and your decor choices speak to your classy, ‘I’d rather drink sparkling wine on the couch than beer at the bar’ side you always knew you had.

Your headspace:
You’re done with hitting the bar on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (and Saturday) and feel like growing up a little. And that means redirecting some of your funds from drinks to decor. Beyond the hand-me-downs, you’ve done the small things, a chair here, a side table there and now you're ready to commit to a rug – the ultimate getting-my-life-together, almost-at-30 indulgence.

Whatever style you prefer, a rug lends a little sophistication to your space, and ties the different aspects of a room together.

Top tip:
Opt for a neutral colour, that way it’ll pair with an array of decor updates, depending on how your tastes change over the years.