Talking body(suits)

6 occasions, 1 badass bodysuit and 6 ways to rock it.

Words: Sibu Mabusela | Photographs: Glen Montgomery | Styling: Mandy Nash

With a history spanning just over 50 years, the bodysuit has become a fashion favourite, and rightly so. Not only is it designed for a flattering fit but it’s also evolved from the leotard silhouette it was intended to be, towards a more femme design that’s a flattering fit – becoming a closet essential you simply can’t go without. It’s a versatile piece that doesn’t just complement nights out on the town but work days and visits to the mall too.

If you're like any of us at Superbalist, you’ve committed yourself to way too many Facebook events and now find yourself thinking how you could possibly attend all of these with an outfit to match? Well, we’re here to give you the juice, the 6-step outfit guide, so to speak — where we give you a glimpse into the many ways you too can rock a bodysuit this festive season and look great while doing it. Hold onto your seats 'cause it’s about to get heated.

1. Home(body)

So you’ve journeyed to your hometown this vacation or are headed to the coast with friends and family... The first place you’ll obviously be hitting is the pool, and in some cases the beach. What you’ll be wearing? Your bodysuit, of course – and a pair of slim-fitting booty shorts to match. The look is both comfortable and functional (you know, scorching summer sun and all) and will keep you looking and feeling cool as you fill up your Instagram reel.

2. Shake ya (body)

The best part about hitting home for vacay? Seeing all you childhood friends, and as visits home often entail, a night out is sure to follow. Nights out to the very same bars you used to sneak into not too long ago where obligatory hugs, cheap drinks, and average cocktails should be expected. When the evening rolls around and the nighttime festivities begin, don’t fall short on good looks and outfits to envy. Go ahead and pair your bodysuit with slim-fitting bottoms and to-die-for stilettos for a center stage-worthy ensemble that’ll keep you looking fresh and all night long (and the next morning too if you’re feeling adventurous).

3. Busy(body)

Not much of a beach go-er? Well then we’ve got just a laidback look you’ll love. Slip your bodysuit on with denim trousers and low-top sneakers for a badass ensemble you can wear while picnicking with the family, or strolling the streets of your childhood city locked in a sea of nostalgia.

4. Be Some(body)

When the holiday festivities are over and you’re headed back to your 9-to-5, it’ll still come in handy. It continues to work for all occasions and pairs as effortlessly with your day-to-day office ensembles as it does with your holiday look. Emphasise your feminine curves by pairing with a retro heels and wide leg trousers for your working girl look. Not taking any leave? We’re thinking the bodysuit would make the ideal match and may just take some of the pain away.

5. Date some(body)

Did someone say date night? Well, even if they didn’t, that’s precisely the look you’ll be able to pull off once you’ve paired your bodysuit just right with a brightly coloured A-line skirt and strappy heels for a killer look that’ll bring in the compliments. We’re talking late-nights and dinner dates, this look will suit either perfectly.

6. Work ya (body)

There may be no better partner for your bodysuit than a pair of stylish sweats. Forget Karl Lagerfeld's comment about sweatpants meaning surrender and embrace it - these are designed to leave the house, and sportswear is the new standard after all. You can't go wrong pairing it with cool kicks to elevate the whole look. 

In short? The bodysuit is a closet essential you can wear anywhere and pair with anything. It’s the ideal summer piece that will see you through dinners with mom and nights out with friends and dresses up as effortlessly for work as it will for picnic dates. So go on, get yours and enter the summer of no regrets.

Model: Aliyah at 10 Management
MUA: Roxanne Sayers