The weekender gets gifted

Presents for the girl who rocks the party

We’ll be honest, we don’t know your family or your friends, but we do know gifting, and so in the spirit of the season we’ve put the people you’ll be buying for into neat little boxes so that you can figure out more easily what you should buy for them. Say hello to Kaylin.

As the saying goes, this girl works hard – and plays hard. Cape Town born and bred, Kaylin’s had the same group of friends since day one at Springfield, and they’ve got a little luxury planned for their two-week summer staycation, let me tell you.

It’s been a year of high heels, clip-clopping from one boardroom as she complete one audit, after another, after another. Okay, let’s not kid around, the accounting degree at Rhodes was the right call, she couldn’t be happier at Ernst & Young, and has quote unquote “real potential to get her name on the side of one of these buildings, some day.” But out with the skirts and stilettos, and in with the kick back and relax this summer. For now, you can find her hitting refresh on the sneaker selection on Superbalist.com and staring out the wide windows of the offices in town, replacing grey streets with warm and wonderful beachfronts. All of this, of course, to the soothing electronic grooves of Goldfish (plus other commercial tracks she has on repeat on a YouTube playlist called “Summer 2016 <3”).

She’s already pre-bought all tickets to Sundays at Shimmy Beach Club, is “interested” in attending Sexy Groovy Love (on Facebook at least) and for the most part has the same day plan for the holiday: brunch, best friends, drinks and dates. “If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best,” may or may not be the tagline on her Tinder profile, too.

But date, wild night out at Arcade or ice-cream pick-ups on the promenade, this gal will be kicking off her heels, popping on those cat-eye shades, parking Betty the Renault Clio in her garage and living the life from the comfort of those Nikes this season. Which ones that is, well, that is question. Plus other questions surrounding Ross. Or, uh, Reece.