The Bloke Gets Gifted

Gadgets and chinos aplenty for the hard core pragmatist

We’ll be honest, we don’t know your family or your friends, but we do know gifting, and so in the spirit of the season we’ve put the people you’ll be buying for into neat little boxes so that you can figure out more easily what you should buy for them. 

Meet Hein.

Gifting for Hein can be a daunting task, because whether your carefully-chosen present is a world-beater or just completely misses the mark, you’re going to get a pretty similar deadpan, emotionless reaction.

Hein’s personal brand is all about practicality, and his style choices are drastically temperamental. During the week he dons a seemingly endless supply of button-ups, chinos and comfortable sneakers, protected from the elements by a go-to rain jacket that seems to accompany every outfit. When the weekend comes around, he needs his comfy sweatpants and a obscure-referencing graphic tee to laze about his bachelor pad, or take up a whole table at the coffee shop while coding feverishly at his PC laptop (Macbooks are for lame streamers).

This chap is resistant to change at the best of times, so try to focus on the few things he can’t live without day-to-day. Perhaps a slightly more stylish rain jacket to protect those finely ironed shirts, or a new pair of versatile sneakers? Just make sure it’s nothing too bold. Those button-ups won’t last forever, and there’s so many designs you’re bound to find something to suit his specific needs. If all else fails, a high-quality messenger bag is a solid option – his laptop is an extension of his personality, so safety is paramount.

With a love of all things tech, this is Hein’s gifting weakness. If you’re feeling generous, some nifty gadgetry can’t go amiss. You could go with a fitness tracker, full of niche features and ideal for tallying those brisk walks across the office. Even if he doesn’t like it, he gets to share his informed opinion, which is just as rewarding as a good gift. Chances are he already has one and, in that case, there’s a plethora accessories with which to make it feel like new, as well as offering a new opportunity to broadcast that aforementioned opinion.

Don’t confuse Hein for a geek though – just because he “knows computers”, it doesn’t mean he collects figurines from an anime you’ve never heard of. Unless you can find 20” statue of Elon musk, it’s best to stick with the underlining theme of functionality, and go with something simple like a USB hub or a off-the-wall cable organiser – that is, if there’s any space at his standing desk.

Late nights at the office make apartment decorating seem like a chore, so this is your chance to shine. Subtly invite yourself over to find out what his place missing, as well as what he tends to like. It’s nigh impossible to hate on furniture as a gift, especially if it’s got a minimal design. There’s almost certainly a lack of good lighting so that’s a good option, and if you’re at wits’ end, just go for some idiosyncratic kitchen accessories.