From only R99, give shade where shade is due

Words: Anike Balogun | Photographs: Glen Montgomery | Styling: Mandy Nash

Sunglasses are as much about signaling social cues as they are about keeping the sun out of your eyes. They are also the subject of today’s lesson in style (it's a free class - you’re welcome). Some case studies for your notes:

Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde used her shades to communicate a healthy respect for coordinated fashion and potential sun damage, as well as an unhealthy relationship with the colour pink.

Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith’s Ray Ban Predator II’s in the Men in Black movies basically had their own role thanks to the neuralyzer.

On several characters in The Hangover, sunglasses say, ‘Wow. I’m hungover’.

Whether you’re saying a lot or not saying much, nothing makes you look better than a chic pair of shades, and nothing makes you feel better than not spending every cent you have on them. Shop our selection of summer sunnies below and get a pair for every statement you want to make.

PS: It's more fun if you play RAC and Matthew Koma's Cheap Sunglasses (the cutest diss track you've ever heard) while you scroll.


The shape isn't for everyone, but if you can rock it, this DailyFriday pair will do wonders for your face and pocket.


Reflective styles are all the rage, and this summer, gold foils reign. Stock up on blue and green versions in styles with a defined floating bridge.


Rising to the top of the heap, clear frames are the accessory translation of this year's sheer trend. They're like those 3am 'hey stranger' texts - transparent.


Retro futuristic sunnies with thick hinges and temples may seem clunky, but chunky is the new black. These won't let you down when the sun is high.