Gifting Brilliance

Score points across the board this festive season with Fossil's new collection

Words: Modupe Oloruntoba | Photographs: Supplied

I am exceptionally bad at gifts. I don’t know why, but everything I know about a person seems to go right out the window the second I need to buy them a present:

What’s her favourite colour again?

Wait, did he say he surfs or kite-surfs?

How old is their baby now?

When you finally remember a detail specific enough to help you make it to checkout, Murphy’s law kicks in, just for fun. 

The awkwardness of it all is sometimes unavoidable. How were you to know your secret santa was allergic to nuts? Save yourself some worry and get failsafe presents for the important people first.

Everyone loves a watch, despite all the predictions that our cellphones and other devices would make them disappear. That's because there’s a charm to that quiet ticking that just can’t be replicated by a phone screen. This festive season, FOSSIL’s making it easier than ever to get just the right one.

You can’t go wrong with their assortment of classic styles to suit everyone in your life - the day-one friend who’s still finishing your sentences, the sibling you fight with one second and do karaoke duets with the next, and the person you’ve been dating just long enough to make any other gift seem too little or too much. With modern pieces designed for timeless elegance, FOSSIL’s holiday collection makes for brilliant gifting.