Superbalist 100: FEAT Sock Co.

Chelsey Wilson puts her foot in it

Remember when socks were boring? Basic utilitarian items gifted by misguided parents or something that your significant other would pick up for you at the mall? Available in any colour you could think of, as long as that colour was black, white or grey… For the longest time socks have been that grudge buy that just kind of happens. You buy some you lose one and then you just kind of wear them until your big-toe sticks out at the top.

Well not anymore, because ever since Chelsey Wilson turned the fun sock games that she grew up playing with her best friend into a business, the innocuous sock has become something worth celebrating.

Dipping a toe into the low-tech hero product and then doing it really well, Chelsey’s FEAT Sock co. has her really putting her foot in it, pairing fun, eccentric designs that are lovingly and locally made with a business-savvy attitude that taps into the consumer’s need for quality, comfort and great service.

“Despite how tech-driven the world is these days, we still have basic needs as human beings, and socks are one of them,” says Chelsea. “We aim to make this seemingly unimportant item of clothing, incredibly fun. Our socks tell stories and make people smile, and the wearer gets to be reminded of this every time they look down at their feet... No data or wifi required.”

For Chelsea, winning the competition would allow her to grow her business.

“Job creation has always been incredibly important to me, but I have always wanted to do it in a way that is not only sustainable, but also in such a way that every FEAT. sock co. employee can see their life without a ceiling. I would love FEAT. sock co. to give these employees the opportunity to dream big dreams and grow with the brand, as I have done over the past four years. If this is something you would like to see happen, please give me your vote.”