Beyond the Festival

A guide to the looks you’ll be wearing long after festival weekend

Words: Modupe Oloruntoba | Photographs: Ian Engelbrecht | Stylist Mira Leibowitz

Being broke sucks. Granted, wasting money isn’t the absolute worst thing you could be doing - you could be ranting on twitter, engaging in criminal activity, or hitting the dislike button on children singing on Youtube (you bums). Still, nothing stings quite like the self-inflicted bruising of that bank balance notice. Why am I telling you this? Because Summer is here, with its festivals and its road trips and its beach parties, and I think we both know you’re low key savage when you start swiping.

When it comes to fashion, you are most at risk of regret if you wear blinders when you shop by occasion - a date, a trip, an 11 stage festival - because as soon as it’s over, your purchase goes out of service. Buyer’s remorse is real (and probably alive and well at the back of your closet) so while we’re here, with payday just behind us and festival weekend before us, take a pause. A little consideration will go a long way so consider this: Your festival gear can and should work double duty as your summer weekend uniform. We’ve put together looks for 4 key trends to lead the way to style greatness, while the party rages and long after the music stops. Your summer glow up is but one click away.


@Festival: as usual, denim is your best friend - hard-wearing, flattering, and always ready to dance. You’ll stand out in this bleached star set, worn with a slogan one-piece, a choker, and party-ready flatform boots.

Post-party: Lose the swimwear, swap your essentials-only festival crossbody for a studded leather tote, and throw on your favourite white sneakers to relax into your weekend wanderings.


@Festival: Shoulder exposure is the key to a stylish Summer, it’s undebatable. A simple gypsy blouse paired with cut-offs creates the perfect canvas to show off a wild neckpiece and with a fringe bag and sturdy sandals, you’re good to go.

Post-party: White tops & blue jeans are the team that never fails. Slip on cushioned sandals and trade the shorts for embellished denim for a look as relaxed as it is charming. 


@Festival: What better way to accessorise your new bikini than with a luxe layer? This sheer maxi overshirt that buttons at the waist is the mystic touch your Daisies look needs. Add your trusty ankle boots and mirrored shades for pro style status.

Post-party: Grab a choker (or three) and use the sheer overshirt to refresh your dress + heels combo for summer night revelry. It's also great during the day when you want to add boho-glam to jeans and a tee.


@Festival: Camo print officially returns this Summer, hand in hand with khaki. Work them together for a look with twice the punch by tossing a camouflage parka over a khaki playsuit. Wear it unbuttoned with a cute bikini top peeking through, and finish with rubber base indigo chucks.

Post-party: Bring it back to the sidewalk by buttoning up and combining your playsuit with a sleeveless biker, a cool clutch, and the Daisy Street ankle boots that are about to replace your mainstays.


Model: Elsa at Ice
Hair and Makeup: Roxanne Sayers