The Mixtape Vol. 73

The Robfather transforms the Lemon Tree Theatre from laughs to dance

Even though all he did was hang out in the DJ booth pressing play all night, Robert Scholtz, aka The Robfather, is still the guy you blame for your hangovers. Somehow he’s always implicated in your bad decisions, like, Rob’s your uncle. This is probably why he’s the only best man in the history of weddings to be banned from a bachelor party by the bride. Having DJed for two decades now, Rob has performed at a wake, a Polish rapper’s wedding reception and a 60th that turned into an unlikely snowstorm. Otherwise he’s the resident at Cape Town bar Aces n Spades, and this year marks his third year rocking Darling's Daisies.

For today’s Monday Mixtape Rob’s put together an eclectic mix of tunes that's perfect for driving to. In his roadtrip mix you can expect some reworked classics, some new school future classics and, of course, some sing-alongs with a sprinkling of dairy. Enjoy!

What music are you into and why is this so much fun to perform?

Having worked in record stores for a very long time I guess my music taste is eclectic; I love so many different types of music and I don't believe in genres when I'm DJing. That said, I do love to play rock n roll as it really gets the crowd going and and is a great soundtrack to fun drunk party vibes. This won't stop me from throwing on some hip hop or beats if it works at that moment in time on the dance floor.

Which are the acts you'll be front row for?

I don't think anyone should miss Hugh Masekela. He did an in-store promotion at a record shop I was working at and I was his designated gopher for the day – super nice guy and a legend in his own right. Other acts I don't want to miss are Sannie Fox, BCUC, Mango Groove (it's gonna be so much fun you buzzkills) and Beardyman.

You're making us a roadtrip mix, what makes certain music good for the road?

With a roadtrip mix you have to remember you're scoring the movie before you've filmed it, so whatever you put on there is going to be connected to any future nostalgia you might have. I like to make it upbeat with a few classics, but not too many. Roadtrips are also great for discovering new music and, if you're going on holiday, that mix will most probably also end up being the braai-mix and drunken-camping-dance-mix. So choose wisely and don't be scared to throw in a bit of cheese, you're on holiday after all. The worst thing you could do is a self-indulgent selection of your favourite artists hits as this will ensure it gets vetoed by everyone else. 

You're playing the comedy stage, is that some kind of joke?

Probably, it's a comedy stage till 9ish, then it becomes the Silent Disco. 

Silent Disco? Please explain the concept to us.

Everyone gets a pair of headphones with a 3 channel switch on them when they arrive. There are three different DJs and you can switch between their sets and dance to whoever. What makes it interesting is that each DJ has a colour for their channel and the headphones change colour according to who the people are listening to, so all the DJs can see who's killing it and who isn't. This became a lot of fun last year as hometown heroes The Uppercut crew and I competed to see who could dominate the dancefloor. The odds were in my favour then but I have been assured that revenge will be swift. Also, to make matters tougher, Tommy Gun has now also been thrown into the mix so its anybody's dance floor. We're all gonna have to make it rain to stay in the game. At the end of the day the big winners are the hooligans on the dancefloor, getting the best of the best. 

What are you hoping to bring to the party this year?

Last year will be tough to top but as they say, highly sexed never vexed and always next. So basically, just tear the place apart.