Spring Style: Meet Casey

A new face shows off the new season’s updates on transitional essentials

Photographs by Julian Le Ballister 

The guy

Casey Redelinghuis is really shy, which makes him that much more endearing. There’s none of the hubris usually associated with male models, instead he’s just a 21-year-old marketing student who plays drums in a church band and happens to come packaged in a look that people want their brands associated with. And it’s all thanks to Gabrielle Kannemeyer, who spotted Casey on Instagram and asked him to shoot a lookbook for 2Bop. Shortly after he was called up by a modelling agency and, well, the rest is history. Actually, not really history, because all this happened as recently as two months ago. “I’m really enjoying this,” says the softly-spoken Casey. “And have been meeting a lot of cool people – artists, stylists, creatives… – it’s a really nice circle of people where everyone is friends with everyone.”

The trend

More of a necessity than a trend, transitional layering is the best way for dudes who think smart to switch up a single outfit so that they always look sharp. Casey’s advice is to start with the basics, and then build on this with bigger and thicker pieces until you eventually finish with a wind or water resistant outermost layer. Denim on denim on denim is always a winner, and then in this case, more is always more, and so by playing with proportions and textures you’ll add depth to your outfit and will always be dressed for the occasion no matter what the weather is doing.

Key item

The essential coats for layering up are the Harrington and the bomber. Now we’ve harped on about the bomber jacket long enough for you to know what this one’s about, and why it’s such an important piece of your 2016 wardrobe. Now the Harrington is making its move, it'll be interesting to see if it’s got the same staying power. We think it just might, as the lightweight jacket with a collar and zipped front is a slightly more tailored take on outerwear and is very 'Cool Britannia'. 

Model: Casey R @ Twenty Model Management