The Mixtape Vol. 68

Loonie's back for round two with some old school beats

Ever had a guy make not one, but two mixtapes for you? We're feeling really special right now. GoodHope FM DJ Lonwabo Mbadlanyana is back with another, his first mixtape for The Way of Us having received so much love. He's been busy since our last chat, adding another weekly spot to his schedule - a live session every Thursday on #TheHotBox. This mixtape features another eclectic group of house and electronic artists with an emphasis on local tracks. The likes of Boddhi Satva, Nilo, Liquideep, and Busi Mhlongo are blended together for slow, easy listening. Press play and check out our interview with him on the first mixtape here.

Boddhi Satva - From Another World
Charles Webster - Le Mezcla
Dr Rockit - Cafe De Flore
Nilo - Be My Friend
Brazo Was Afrika - Afrikan Sax
Flight Facilities - Crave You
Liquideep - Still
Mzi Tamanini - Zvinosiririsa
Busi Mhlongo - Webaba