Close for Comfort

Cosy up with the most touchable textures and prettiest pastels

Words: Cayleigh Bright | Styling: Chicara Brüseke | Photographs: Sabrina Scott

Offline is the new luxury, and moments spent indoors and out of the noise of nightlife are the ultimate treat. If ‘self-care’ sounds like a catchphrase, keep in mind that it sums up what we’ve known all along: that some time spent in your own company is the best way to recharge, get some perspective about what really matters to you, and maybe remember what it is that you want from the time you do spend out with others. And it's more than that, too, but being kind to yourself begins at home. 

With the party in here and no need to go out, it’s tempting to curl up and fight the cold from the comfort of the indoors. But, should you need to venture out, these looks have got you covered – carrying with them as much glamour as they do cosiness.

Take a tour of the textures and looks you’ll be settling into this season, then mix, match, and choose wisely who you share them with.


The classic for keeping comfortable and looking effortlessly cool, knits provide the coolest coverage for cold weather. Choose pastel shades or neutrals in chunky knits or thinner, slinkier styles ideal for layering, then pull them on with anything from denim to leather.

Luxe Textures

If you think of the grunge trend as being all about flannel shirts and denim, you’re missing a trick. The girlier side of grunge means pretty details in unexpected places, and tons of texture – chiffon, lace and silk all have a part to play, but the best part is the faux fur coat. Find your favourite and you’ll wear it with everything, all season long.


Less is more? Maybe in most cases, but when it comes to winter dressing, more layers get the most out of your look. A heavy coat over a light jacket makes for an ideal outdoor look, while faux fur coats over lingerie will have you living your best luxe life.

The Slip Dress

Feeling nostalgic? Slip on a silky dress over a high-necked, long-sleeved top or knit and you’ll be channeling the nineties-inspired look that’s equal parts alluring and actually-I-don’t-care-what-you-think. Taking it outside? Pull on boots and your biggest coat to contrast the touchable textures of the rest of your look, or go full glamorous with a faux fur coat.


Can’t get enough of your favourite colour? No problem – layer tone-on-tone pieces to create a co-ordinated effect that’s far from fussy. With two pieces in the same or similar colours, this look is all about subtle variation in texture: think suede on silk, knits on cotton, or velvet on… well, anything. It’s like minimalism, but much more fun.

Pyjama Inspiration

The sleepover club has hit the streets in a trend that’s loved by nap queens and fashion killers alike – pyjama-like styles with all of the details that we’ve learned to love in our favourite sleepwear. Matching tops and bottoms are a must, stripes and tie belts are bonus. Sleep tight, or take it out on the town with block heels.