The Mixtape Vol. 58

Die Antwoord's pre Candy mixtape - Suck on This!

$0$, Die Antwoord’s 2009 debut, was an online freebie that garnered massive international attention after two of their YouTube videos went viral.

All of a sudden the world had another nugget of trivia from that place famous for Apartheid and Mandela, and it was refreshing how, instead of trying to patronizingly paint a rainbow nation portrait, Ninja presented an entirely new view of South Africa to the world. Or more specifically: an entirely new South African: Zef.

After briefly signing with Interscope Records, in 2011 they founded their own label Zef Recordz, and released their second and third studio albums, Ten$Ion and Donker Mag.

Suck on This is Die Antwoord’s first release in two years, and a free digital download with collaborators that include DJ Muggs, Dita Von Teese, The Black Goat and God, the latter having remixed some of Die Antwoord’s better known tracks like 'I Fink You Freeky,' 'Fok Julle Naaiers,' and 'Pitbull Terrier'.

The mixtape was accompanied by a note by Ninja, explaining the drop as a prelude to the band’s upcoming album We Have Candy, have a read:

"Hi my name is NINJA. I’m from South Africa. I rap in a band called DIE ANTWOORD with my home girl ¥O-LANDI VI$$ER.

Our style is a little unusual, and we don’t really know what’s going on with anything because we from out of town, but we love learning and trying new shit out.

DIE ANTWOORD are busy finishing up the new album we been working on for the last 2 years called WE HAVE CANDY that we made with THE BLACK GOAT and GOD in the SOUL ASSASSINS studios in Los Angeles.

So anyway, about 2 months ago we found out that rappers in the USA usually drop a free mixtape for their fans before they drop their album. So we thought, “Hey we wanna do that!”.

THE BLACK GOAT showed us how you make a mixtape which was so fuckin fun! And we decided to call our 1st mixtape SUCK ON THIS!

THE BLACK GOAT said that there are no rules to making a mixtape and that you can do whatever you want, which is our favourite style.

THE BLACK GOAT also told us that mixtapes often have remixes on them.

DIE ANTWOORD has never allowed anyone to remix any of our songs, ever!

So, we quickly popped out some fresh NEW tracks for our mixtape, and we also thought it would be really special to ask THE BLACK GOAT and GOD to remix some of our old shit.

We thought it would be a fun discipline to remix our most popular shit and make the remixes better than the originals, which was a seemingly impossible task, but you know how we roll So kick back, pop some shamps or crack a brew, spark a fat blunt, and SUCK ON THIS



And then because we don’t have a direct line to Ninja like we used to in his pre-fame days, instead of a Q&A we’ve done a little track-by-track breakdown of the mixtape, enjoy.

DANCE WIF DA DEVIL Feat. The Black Goat

Ninja and Yolandi teach us how to properly pronounce ‘di entvoert’ in what’s the perfect intro track for a dirty album that starts off rough and gets filthier.

BUM BUM Feat. God

Yes that hypnotic sample is both sexy and funny, on a song that Ninja calls “my first Spanish porno rap adventure”, but even if you ignore “put it in my bum” and the big, banging beats, there’s something really special here. Listen carefully and you’ll hear that Ninja is rapping in his own true voice again, and not using the Zef accent he’s been putting on since $O$.

GUCCI COOCHIE Feat. Dita Von Teese, The Black Goat, & God

This is a club banger made stronger by Yolandi’s scatter raps, a taunting hook and Ninja’s slowed down flow. However, it’s by getting famous friend Dita Von Teese to talk over the track that Die Antwoord is sure to get everyone else talking, a voice that, even if you’ve never seen her before, will help you to see exactly what she looks like.


A skit in which Yolandi loses her shit after noticing that someone has taken her cupcake. Turns out that Ninja was just being considerate and had kindly put it in the fridge for her and the whole thing was a huge misunderstanding. The whole thing reminds us of that conversation between Frank Black and Kim Deal on the Pixies Album Surfer Rosa where as Deal leaves the studio she says “If anybody touches my stuff, I’ll kill ya.” And Black replies “I’ll kill you, you fu**ing die, if anybody touches my stuff.” And then Black has to explain the conversation to Albini, the producer of the album who chose to include the studio banter on the final mix. 


This starts out with Ninja taking us to the Caribbean and once again showing us just how many different styles he’s got. Yolandi sings Dazed and Confused like a Japanese kawaai cutie, but it’s Ninja’s vocal dexterity that ranges from soothing mellifluous lullabies to tasty tongue twisters that’s the highlight of this tribally influenced track.

SIEMBAMBA Feat. The Black Goat

The creepy Afrikaans lullaby is accompanied by sound affects that will scare the bejesus out of you, even if you don’t understand Afrikaans.

PITBULL TERRIER (Gods Berzerker Trap Remix)

Every EDM DJ worth his bathsalts will be saving this for after the drop; a massive beat reminiscent of Blade’s blood-in-the-club rave scene. Yolandi is talking in tongues by the end of the track and finishes up by saying, “My DJs name is God. What’s your DJs name?” So, if this does ever get pressed to vinyl you should definitely play this track backwards to see what happens.

I FINK YOU FREAKY (Gods Death Trap Remix)

You liked it when you first heard it. You’ll still like it a lot.

WE WANT CANDY Feat. The Black Goat

A skit that dofs its cap to Napolean Dynamite. Gosh!

FOK JULLE NAAIERS (Gods Wicked Jungle Remix)

A Drum and Bass tinged track where Ninja shows off his Zef flow for the first time on the mixtape. Yolandi does a really nice Aphex Twin scream, too.

I DONT CARE Feat. God 

At first we couldn’t tell if this was, like, a praise and worship song, a pop song or bad Eurovision thing and then we looked at the title of the track again and realized that it was definitely a bad Eurovision thing. S’pose Die Antwoord have to keep all of their new Russian fans happy and it would be quite nice to bounce to this in the electrodome at about 3:45am. Pass the tiger balm.

JAN PIEREWIET Feat. The Black Goat

Another American Horror Story style creep fest that makes you want to backtrack to I don’t Care just to stop the nightmares. This ends with Ninja at full flex explaining what zef is with some classic hip-hop posturing that isn’t really necessary given how hard he’s gone on this mixtape.

ENTER DA NINJA (The Black Goat Decapitator Remix)

This kicks off with some classic Constructus style story telling with Yolandi revisiting the hook that blew the band up and Ninja not so much revisiting but reinterpreting the track with some new lyrics and a new flow that when added to the huge Star Wars horn section and recorded at DJ Muggs studio makes you want to try and kick a rugby ball over table mountain or get into a fist-fight with your dad.

In conclusion, while I don’t want to fanboy too hard - especially with the SA rap game blowing up like it is, and it really must be said that the local rap game is in the best state it’s ever been in, ever - but I think that Ninja just showed everyone back home why he’s the southern hemisphere’s GOAT, and all it really takes is a mixtape to remind us of this. Cannot wait to hear the Candy album.