The Original Chadwyn Moses

An outfit tough enough for the school of hard knocks

It wasn’t so much what this guy was wearing to the Levi’s Calling All Originals Casting that impressed us – it was more about his energy, and how he carried himself. Chadwyn Moses emits pure positivity, and that’s something money just can’t buy. Which is good, because right now, he says, money is really tight. Imagination, guts and knowledge of self will always result in better outfits than a fistful of cash, and Chadwyn says that his original style is “Thrifted, colourful and comfortable” and comes down to his refusal to follow passing fads.

“I never follow trends and when everyone goes in one direction I move in the opposite direction. Then when they start coming in my direction, I turn around and move again.”

With a story that he’s still in the process of writing, Chadwyn has laid the foundations of success by being a super switched-on dude, beaming positivity, and this will surely take him to the top of whichever game he chooses to play.

Age: 21

Vocation: Artist, photographer, model on request.

Hood: Buhle Park

Social: @someone_chaplin

What have you put together here and why do you love it?

I've got the Old Skool Vans with a pair of 506 straight Levi's denim, Levi's blue polo T-shirt, mustard jacket and Komono x Happy Socks watch. I made this selection based on all the small colourful details, and how it reflects my skating background and warm personality.

Where would you wear this?

The Neighbourgoods Market on a really sunny day.

Who would you want to see you wearing this?

My mentor, Dale Strime.

How many times a day do you change your outfit and why?

Twice a day, due to me riding my BMX in the hood.

What’s your favourite emoji?

The camera emoji.

What's the most embarrassing trend you've ever bought into?

The Kanye West Stronger sunglasses, with those lined lenses.

Which style icons do you follow on Instagram?

@Michael.lockley and @Deedstreak.

What's the most important piece in your wardrobe?

My hats. I can't live without a hat.

If you had to wear a uniform for the rest of your life what would it comprise of?

Something old, something new, and something borrowed.