The Original Bruny Dusabe

The fashion student shares her Bohemian, African and Grunge style

Words: Dylan Muhlenberg | Photographs: I See A Different You and Seth Zworestine

When we spotted this Boho-Afro-Grunge delight at the Levi’s Calling All Originals Casting we knew that we had to feature her. Pairing up two different boots in different colours, which she then matched to the coloured braids on her head, Bruny Dusabe says that while she got her style from her mom, her love of Levi’s is all thanks to dad.

“My dad had put aside three of his oversized Levi’s jackets for me. I love the idea of these jackets protecting me, like a large shield or invisible cloak.”

Instead of buying into trends, the fiercely original fashion student studying at LISOF prefers to focus on clothing that speaks to her, and as a highly unconventional dresser isn’t afraid to come across as slightly strange. Here’s Bruny on her original style.

Age: 19

Vocation: Student and sales assistant at The Lot in Rosebank.

Hood: Yeoville

Social: @iambruny

What have you put together here and why do you love it?

There were so many amazing items to choose from and I took a long time choosing the shoes as there were just too many to choose from. I always work my outfit around the shoes, and these brightly oxfords are my cup of tea. The lugsole ties everything together and I need to be wearing something comfortable to be able to carry my sewing machine up three flights of stairs every day. Then, the dress, one can never go wrong with grey, which is subtle yet elegant. What I absolutely love about this garment is the knit is not too heavy duty and I love how I’m able to dress it up or down. 

I've personally always wanted to own a grey Levi's denim jacket, especially with all the grey pieces I already have in my wardrobe, so to find this denim jacket I honestly fainted and went to 'Denim Jacket Heaven' where I met Strauss and shook his hand formidably (I would’ve loved to hug him, but I felt like he would think I'm an absolute weirdo). The details on this jacket are amazing and the white topstitching would be accentuated with the soles of my awesome silver shoes.

Last thing, the scarf is a key item in winter dressing as it ties the entire outfit together. To make this outfit fully 'Brunyfied', I would add a white head-wrap, my polka dot stockings and my signature glasses, just to look cute.

How many times a day do you change your outfit and why?

Are pyjamas an outfit? I have been told by so many people that they do not wear pyjamas, that they sleep naked, and there is nothing wrong  in sleeping in the days memories of hard work, but then those memories will turn into something I'd rather not say. I wear pyjamas and I treat them as an outfit. So that counts as one. And when I venture off wherever my heart desires, another one. So that’s two outifts in a day.

What’s your favourite emoji?

My ultimate favourite emoji is the monkey with her eyes closed(I feel like she’s a her because those lips are just too popping to belong to a male). I literally use it for any scenario, whether I'm blushing, laughing, smiling, angry, scared, excited or shocked - the See-No-Evil She-monkey does the trick.

Which style icons do you follow on Instagram?

One of the most influential icons I follow is @reignpalaisapiim. She is not only a style icon but she is a spiritual, mental and emotional icon. I had first discovered her beautiful energy on the StyleLikeYou YouTube channel and have followed her journey ever since. I love the fact that she is inspired by everything and anything around her. I also love the fact that she is so carefree with her mind, body and soul and does not conform to society’s materialism. Another is @margaret__zhang, a fashion blogger, model, law student and just plain amazeballs. I love the fact that she challenges herself in the way she dresses, and that she is a very dedicated and passionate being. And last but not least Rihanna @badgalriri is just such a badass. For me she is an icon not only because of her style, but also the way she carries herself. She is so carefree, relaxed and sure of herself. She’s also a lover of piercings and tattoos – like me!