The Mixtape. Vol 53

The Death Panthers EP

They say that you should write about what you know, and having listened to James Nevin and Oliver Thomas' songs about pizza, beer, skateboarding and girls, on repeat, we think that they'd be really fun guys to know. 

Last week the Death Panthers released their new EP, Losers Drink Beer, which Andy Petersen at Platform described as having "a much more polished feel... than their previous offering, The Pizza EP – released just a month ago on Surfing Loser Space Cult, and while some immediacy has been sacrificed here, the modicum of extra consideration given to these cuts ultimately leads to a greater sense of cohesion and control. These songs don’t shimmer and gleam, and they aren’t meant to, but the additional guitar tracking found on ‘Mexico’ and the effects added to ‘Pizza’ and ‘Boogin’ rounds the body of the EP out really well."

The guys who produced the EP, Kill City Blues, had the following to say: 

“We recorded the band live as to keep the sound and feeling of the EP as raw as possible, as you would hear it in a club, the same way an audience would hear it. Very little extra production work or any editing was done to recording and it's therefore very human. We had a blast working with the guys.”

But what about the boys in the band – what do they have to say about their latest offering? Read on after the jump.  

Hey James, how's that fitness tracker working out for you - you got a six-pack yet? 
Well, I gave it to my mom 'cause she runs a lot, but soon after that I asked for it back 'cause I needed money. So yeah, the money I got for it was used well and the six-pack is in the fridge cooling.

For Vol. 29 of our Monday Mixtape you made us a mix of the music that inspires Death Panthers songs, which is why it's so good to finally have your EP, five months later. Listening to the EP we hear Fidlar and The Cramps, and that opening track from the Pulp Fiction soundtrack. What are our philistine ears missing? 
Well yeah, we kinda tried to keep it tighter and more themed than the previous releases, with a sort of SoCal influence. Not missing much, really.

All seven tracks have one-word titles. Not one for the art of absurdly long song titles, eh?
The titles are as meaningless as the songs – that's the brilliance of the messiah we call Oliver (drums and vox). The one song was so meaningless that we had to take the lyrics out.

The songs themselves are equally succinct, the lengthiest coming in at under two and a half minutes. Is this any reflection of your stamina? 
Well, let me tell you, when Oliver and I get into a room together, the sparks fly. We get really into it, so when one of us reaches two minutes, we feel we did well enough.

George van der Spuy is credited for twiddling nobs in the production suite. What did he do for the album that the two of you couldn't have done on your own?
Literally everything - first of all, he made us sound like a real band, and second of all, he played the trumpet with his mouth and hands, which is way harder than it seems.

You've titled your EP Losers Drink Beer, but with 25 international awards for taste and quality, Carling Black Label is truly a champion beer with champions choosing to savour the gold, flavourful beer with the rich mouthfeel. I suppose what I'm saying is that surely your EP's title is, like, just your opinion, man?
Well seeing as we're both as sober as Charlie Sheen, we try stay away from the light stuff. You know, setting an example for the next wave of underage wannabe punk rock losers.

So you make an EP and then what – get signed to a major, release a full-length album and then tour? What's the plan here? 
As far as the label is concerned, please contact our manager, Patrick at deathpantherscpt@gmail.com. We're really professional, I swear. Full-length album is actually getting mixed right now by 1991's Maxime Alexander and will be released relatively soon. As far as touring is concerned, we'd like to plan something 'cause we've never played outside of Cape Town really, but that takes time and effort - both of which we have none to give.

Listening to this over and over again we all want to know where we can watch you play live, and when? 
Next gig is sometime in the future, we don't really know, but we're playing in Stellenbosch a little later next month. Once again, Patrick normally handles all that stuff.