Better together

Put your own spin on 70s-inspired style combinations

Words: Rosie Goddard | Photography: Kristen-Lee Moolman

Like bacon and avocado, Simon and Garfunkel or winter and cable knits, some things in life just feel better together. Have you ever wondered why popcorn is so much more delicious when you add chocolate, or how successful Ashley Olsen would be if she didn’t have Mary-Kate?

In the same way that close friends and (certain) couples bring out the best in one another, so do specific fashion pairings. Comforting and reliable, they form the basis of our everyday uniforms – whether we’re talking staple prints or separates like jeans and a tee. This season, we’re putting a 70s spin on standout style combinations that you wouldn’t think to try. Unexpected, yes, but unwearable they are not. Meet the bold pairings with lots of personality, and then make them your own.

Meet: A-line skirt and Blouse

Relationship status: Power couple

Characteristics: Sophisticated, quietly confident, inseparable

Their story: Known for her fun-loving nature and infectious personality, A-line’s had her fair share of flings – there was striped tee of 2014, and graphic crop top from 2015, but nothing seemed to stick. Recently, she’s fallen head over heels for Blouse, who’s slightly older and has been showing her a different side to life that’s less nights out in dingy bars and more intimate dinners with friends. It’s early days, but she could see herself getting used to this.

Meet: Print and print

Relationship status: It’s complicated

Characteristics: Free spirited, eccentric, fun

Their story: These prints aren’t always hanging out together, but when they are, they’re the life and soul of the party. Bold, over the top and beautiful, they like to compete for attention, but on the occasions that they’re getting along, they’re the picture of happiness. While they’ve been known to pair up with other prints like leopard and stripes, they always seem to gravitate back towards each other.

Meet: Pinafore and Polo Neck

Relationship status: Coolest couple in town

Couples characteristics: Edgy, cool, spontaneous

Their story: These two made their debut as a couple way back. They looked good together, but they were too naive, and their relationship quickly fell apart. They decided to give it a go again recently and things have been on the up and up. Ever since Pinafore learnt to DJ and Polo got a new look, they’ve been getting along famously and have been hanging out with an exciting new group of friends.

Meet: Shearling Coat and Swing Dress

Relationship status: Best friends

Characteristics: Balanced, bold, good timers

Their story: Shearling can be a bit of a diva when she wants to – she’s used to being the star of the show, but she’d be nothing without Swing Dress. Stable and reliable, Swing Dress brings her back down to earth and while she’s the quieter member of the friendship, we all know she wears the pants, as it were. Lovers of late nights and Sunday brunches, these two are a fashionable force to be reckoned with.

Meet: The layering crew – Denim, Jacquard, Faux Fur, Suede, Ribbed

Relationship status: Circle of friends

Characteristics: Inseparable, fashion forward, offbeat

Their story: Rarely seen apart, these friends all bring unique personalities to the table, but they’re so much better when they’re together. Denim’s been the leader of the pack for as long as she can remember, but ever since Suede came back on the scene, she’s been vying for the top dog position. Faux (the peacemaker of the group), felt very upset by the whole situation so she sat them down for a much-needed pow wow. Now, they’re closer than ever.